Saturday, August 30, 2008

I break the record. 22 posts in month!

I can't promise you the kind of well crafted prose you expect from this blog when I am cranking out 22 posts a month from the public library where I have less than an hour to check my email and write an entry. What you get is what you get so stop your complaining. All I know is that I have written 22 posts this month and that is a world record for me and I have been blogging for 5 years now (not that anybody even noticed when I posted about blogging for 5 years and by that I mean Katie Schwartz --who posts happy birthday to blogs all the time but totally forgot about my blog -which makes me question if she really means it when she says we are blog friends for life, but I digress.)

What I'd like to talk about is that I got my 100 dollar gift card from my store today, so I am now officially in the market for a laptop that has wireless Internet access and can be bought used for under 200 dollars (and by under 200 dollars I mean 150. ) I went to the computer store today that sits in a strip mall across the street from my house, but it was closed. Small business owners let me give you a hint-do not go out to lunch. Bring your lunch with you or you will miss out on a sale. Not that he had any laptops from what I could see.

I tried to contact someone on craigslist yesterday to buy a laptop, but they never called me back.
I was going to look for a laptop on Monday, but I traded shifts with a guy so he could celebrate his anniversary with his girlfriend even though they don't have sex. I don't see the need to celebrate non-sex anniversaries and I told that guy that, but to each his own. I was supposed to have this Sunday off, but it looks like my sneaky boss picked me a Sunday shift that starts at 9 am. If you know me then you know I would never pick a shift that starts around my bed time. So it looks like I will be working for the next 7 days which will bring my total up to 14 days in a row working as a cashier at this stupid store and for all that work I will have exactly 3 hours of overtime. So I won't even get rich by all the working I will be doing, I will just be getting burned out.

Oh yeah. Katie Schwartz is awesome and she is my Blog Friend of the Day™ and that means you need to go check out her web page and protect her from all the giant breasted bleach blond wives of former rap stars who often visit the court right here is Arizona. Happy Blog Friend of the Day™ to ya Katie! Did you all notice the addition of the trade mark? Do not infringe on my trademark y'all!


DCup said...

I think it would be vastly more fun to be rich than burnt out.

Have you entered Katie's cuntest?

Katie Schwartz said...

Listen bitch (ha) I mean that with love, by the by... I MEAN IT when I say we are blog friends. I didn't know that you had a 5 year blogversary. You bet your sweet ass I'm going to post about that, toots.

I am honored to be Self Help Center's blog friend of the day (TM).

PS: 22 posts in a month is big. How are you doing it in one hour at the library?

I wish we lived in the same hood, I know where you can get kick ass refurbished laptops for 500 bucks. Can't you move?

PSS: Love the image. So sick....


Katie Schwartz said...

Oh, sorry, regarding DivaDCup's comment about joining my cuntest. She's right! I want to see your brilliance in my box asssssssapy. Capisce?! Capisce.

Romius T. said...


What is the cuntest? I missed that. I know we are blog friends, I just like giving you a hard time!


so true. much better rich!