Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Phizer Fires Sales Guy For Blogging How Little He Worked!

News Story - NCBuy: " Monday it fired an employee who wrote a book about his tenure as a Pfizer Inc. sales representative which boasted about how little he worked and how much money he earned."

Friday, March 25, 2005

North Carolina To Make Solitare Illegal For State Workers!

Is that a spreadsheet on your screen - or solitaire? csmonitor.com: "Here in North Carolina, the perennial favorite that was adapted so beautifully for the little screen has become a flash point between taxpayers and state employees. Goofing off on the cubicle computer may be today's version of the coffee break. But now some state lawmakers want the fun and games to stop - at least on company time. Saying taxpayers would be 'outraged' to know how much work time is frittered away by insurance-commission secretaries and DMV employees honing their solitaire and Mine Sweeper skills on the state's 50,000 computers, Catawba County Republican Sen. Austin Allran has sponsored what may be the country's first anti- solitaire legislation."

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I have left the building.

I am no longer working with the Secretary of State's Office. Since that is the life of a Temp, I must move on.

The Terri Schiavo case has gotten the nation abuzz. Who knew the outcome of a vegetative and slowly deteriating woman ,could get you all interested in living wills , health care directives ,and such. My only question is, does Teri taste like broccoli?

Did you know that you can with no residency requirements, sign up for the free state of Arizona Health Care Directive Registry that will provide a depository for your directives ? Well you can.

Just go to the Arizona Secretary States's Office website:


Remember it's free and no residency is required . What a great idea!
You see the government can help ! Call your grandma!

For More Info!!

Email: ad@azsos.gov
Phone: (602)-542-6187 Toll Free: 1-(800)-458-5842

Arizona Secretary of State Advance Directory
1700 W. Washington, 7th Floor
Phoenix, AZ . 85007

Since I don't have to answer the phones feel free to call !!
Tell'em Dave sent ya!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'll still call it the Self Help Blog!

Per my lawyer, and due in part to the apparent recurring interest of my former employer, I am changing some of the posts by removing the name of the organization I now work for. From now on I will use only the initials S.O.S. to refer to my current employers.

My lawyer [who in real life is an attorney with a large and prestigious law firm] convinced me that my former employer may still be pissed enuff to have me on the shit list and all it would take is a phone call or the like to get me in trouble again.

He goes on to add that "You might be on some watch list after all the action down in Atlanta."

Great, now I am being compared to serial murderer by a best friend. It might be my fault I guess I shouldn't of let him read the Bathos Weblog before giving me advice. "Some of it's funny, some of it's just sick."

The name I picked is multi layered and for those following along you will get it, for the new folks let's just say I need all the help I can get in order to go to work everyday![ Morse code for HELP is too funny too pass up since I no longer work in a Self Help Center!!)]So nobody tell anyone where I work, and I won't from now on either! I have had to edit quite a bit in the posts so some will not make as much sense.

Big news from the the former job , that I just had not gotten around to posting ,I won't get be getting hired back (ha) as I lost the appeal hearing. I will dedicate a post soon to that though!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Somebody loves me

Rumor floating around the office that my new temp job is mine for the asking. One bad bit of news is that the pay might be lower. Though another rumor has it that I can negotiate the pay without reference to a "wage scale."

I'll keep you updated as I know you all hang on every word printed here!

By the way never allow a girl in your office to get "screwed out" of signing a birthday card for a fellow employee. [it wasn't me , but trust me I have been warned as the victim is on "on" to who did it and confronted her in a scary bit of melodrama!]

Friday, March 04, 2005

Things I hate about Employment

Conservatives like to point to the well being found from within the "pride" of work. Pride likes to think you as his bitch, pounding on your ass as your getting up at 6 am and shuffling off drearily to work and then returning home a good 12 hours later.

After bit of dinner and TV it's off to bed by 9. I just need that extra nine hours of sleep. Otherwise, I may end up "accidently" taking that gun [That Arizona so thoughtfully will allow me to take to bars ( and I so promise I won't get drunk and shoot my trailer park wife in the head with it)] to work where it might go off.

Not only that , but suddenly I have things to do. Like the following pests:

  1. Pick up dry cleaning
  2. go to class
  3. drop off library books
  4. grocery shopping
  5. get a haircut

Christ , it never ends does it? People do this for 40 years? Why are we wasting 55% of the worlds resources so that 6 % of the population can afford to pick up their dry cleaning?

Now let the world pick up that old Satrian refrain "shoot a white man , steal his money and buy an African his Aids medicine."

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

2nd Week In Tempville.

There is quite a bit of hub a bub over a few bills in the legislature that effects our office. Mostly it seems that our esteemed representatives down in the capital believe that it is the intention of this "organization" to decrease it it's work and increase it's fees.

I would normally decry such activity as a tax payer, but as an insulated employee of said entity, I can see the point.