Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hello friends

So weird that I don't write to you anymore, no? I yes , sorry. I am going to try this new thing where I just write short stuff to you. Nothing big. Nothing phenomenal. So today I had some pain in my biopsy place on my chest. I am not sure why. Maybe nothing, then again maybe something. I am not really looking forward to figuring that out. Instead I will just ignore it like I have ignored my health for the past year or two. I am still alive so hopefully I will continue to stay alive. Not that I give three shits of living. I still have nothing to love or to live for. . . I don't really care so much keyboard won't let me break this into paragraphs without editing so I will do that much later perhaps...nothing interesting is going mom sent me 140 dollars for my birthday that was nice...not sure what I'll buy....maybe a smartwatch...Donald Trump is still president elect? Correct? This can't be so....oh well you bastards really deserve him. Not Cameroon . I feel like the people of Cameroon have done nothing to deserve this, but who knows....maybe y'all are big dicks down there.

Oh shit. I'm pissed . I got the damn text to paragraph. Oh well. Love you guys. Talk to you later? Maybe I start podcast. I missed doing that , but I don't have anything to say. Not anymore.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ok folks I got a Bluetooth keyboard

I think I am going to start posting a lot more content since I have a Bluetooth keyboard to type on my nexus 9. I So much easier than typing on my computer, plus I get the swiftkey predictions, so I might even type faster than before. I I'm kinda excited so we'll see if it makes a difference .

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Welcome back

I bet you guys missed me,  I am gonna say I miss you too.  I'm just keeping it real.  I feel like I need to get back to blogging a bit.  I have had a few good ideas and some nice turn of phrases and you guys have missed out all because I have been to lazy to write them down for you.

But I'm back baby!!

How am I doing?  Well things could be worse for sure.  I have no idea how my health is as I have been avoiding the doctors.  Had a little run of bad luck and costs got out of control. lost a doctor over it.  But I finally went and got another doctor.  I'm back on my blood thinning meds which is good as I am at risk for a stroke without them.

Going to have blood drawn this week so we'll see what's going on there.  I feel okay.  At least I feel good enough to power through the day.  Lots of weird aches and pains which could be just anxiety.  Or my heart.  Don't feel good enough to run or play basketball.  Running stairs is still a problem.  I just have never recovered my strength.  It's a bit disheartening but hopefully that doesn't signal something worse.

Today I smoked a little weed.  Last night I went to a casino with a couple of friends.  My debit card wouldn't work there for some reason.  A blessing I am sure. Otherwise I would have lost money most likely.

Currently just jamming to some UFO.  Saw them in concert a few weeks back. Which was awesome.

I'm in a good mood today which is rare for me so I am just taking advantage of that fact.  Chewing some bubble gum.  Drinking soda.  Pepsi with real sugar.  I purchased one of those PUR water filters.  They totally suck. Don't buy them.

Been rooting and modding my Oppo Find 7a.  Been breaking it and fixing it.  Currently running Color OS 2.1.5 which is the last and final upgrade from OPPO.

Feeling a bit social but all my friends are hiding on social platforms. No one is responding to my texts but Subway who keeps reminding me that they are offering subs for 5 dollars.  They fucking text me all the time.  They even ask if I am getting their texts.  Send me reminders and shit.  At least someone cares and I all I have to do is buy a few sandwiches a month and they are happy as fuck with me.

In a future post I am going to cover the SIX PILLARS of LIFE you should be living.  As part of the Self Help Guide (TM).

Well Folks We'll chat again soon.


Romius T.