Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Yahoo! News - Quit Smoking or Quit Your Job, U.S. Company Says

You see , the Company will tell you how to live , soon we will just replace GOD with worship of the COMPANY.
Yahoo! News - Quit Smoking or Quit Your Job, U.S. Company Says: "The owner of a Michigan company who forced his employees to either quit smoking or quit their jobs said on Wednesday he also wants to tell fat workers to lose weight or else. "

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Steve Nash sees Cross-Eyed

I was watching the Suns play yesterday and a friend and I got into a discussion about what a good player Steve Nash is.

Steve leads the NBA in assists, but I mentioned that I had more respect for player like Jason Kidd who seems to see "behind his head" without the advantage of being cross-eyed.

Steve can pay attention with one eye on the action on the court ahead and lizard-like use the other eyeball to scan around the corner. I say no fair. And in turn my friend agreed that genetics seem to have shined a cuspy glow on Mr. Nash to and undue degree.

I figure someone out there missed me commenting on cross-eyed's.

Monday, January 17, 2005


Here are a couple of more sights for bloggers rights :

The Committee to Protect Bloggers is a new clearinghouse for information on bloggers who are punished, threatened or otherwise disadvantaged for what they post on their blogs.

The Committee has four primary spheres of activity.

* CPB will serve as a clearinghouse for information on incarcerated members of our community, as well as those whose lives have been taken from them because of their enthusiasm for the free exchange of information that blogging allows.
* CPB will serve as a pressure group to force unrecalcitrant governments to free imprisoned bloggers, and make restitution for tortured and murdered ones.
* CPB will bring to bear the formidable communicative power of the blogosphere to keep pressure on governments to stop
CPB will act as direct agents in negotiations to free imprisoned bloggers.

A civil-rights group will try to deflect an "asteroid" from hitting bloggers. The Electronic Frontier Foundation said yesterday it would defend bloggers' right to protect anonymous sources who disclosed that Apple would release a product code-named "Asteroid.",0,7635562,print.story?coll=ny-business-headlines

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Closing in on a 1,000

The world famous SELF HELP CENTER blog nears the momentous mark of 1000 visitors , the lucky winner get a FREE lifetime subscription to the blog. Good Luck.

Fellow fired blogger Queen of the Sky has my count beat by only 987 times !

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

8 reasons I think I should get a raise that my boss doesn't agree with

Eight reasons I think I should get a raise that my boss doesn’t agree with (in no particular order): (from craigslists)

1)Expertise: My job consists of mostly surfing the internet all day and occasionally quickly switching to a Photoshop document when my boss walks by. I am VERY good at these things, and have many years of experience. Therefore I feel I should be paid commensurate with my abilities to perform these tasks.

2)Endurance: I never leave before 4:30, unless I have a really pressing matter to attend to. And if you don’t consider the price difference between a matinee movie ticket and a full price evening ticket a pressing matter, than I don’t know what is.

3)Punctuality: Even when it would be completely understandable to come in late because I worked really late the night before (I’ve been at the office past 6pm on one or two occasions) and REGARDLESS of how hung over I am, I NEVER come in to work later than 11:30.

4)Community: When we hired a new Office Assistant, I was sure to spend a lot of time with this new member of our team, because I know a lot of really attractive women feel distanced and unable to fit in when joining a new work environment. I constantly stood at her desk, sat near her at lunch, and I was even willing to spend time after work helping her adjust to the new office and to the bar next to the new office, but it turns out she didn’t feel like she needed the help.

5)Focus: There are VERY FEW times I’ve slept for longer than 30 minutes on the job. Many days I don’t sleep at all! And I feel this really speaks wonders for my dedication, because when you work the long hours I do, it is sometimes only possible to sleep 10 or 11 hours in a night.

6)Standards: a lot of employees rush through their lunch “hour” and end up coming back to office stressed out an unable to fully concentrate on their work because they haven’t had a sufficient break. I never make this mistake, and only return to the office once I am sure I am fed, rested, and focused enough to give my work the attention it truly deserves. The fact that this is sometimes not until the next day should really say a lot about my dedication to upholding a high standard of workplace performance.

7)Concentration: I’ve noticed that many of my coworkers spend a lot of time writing emails, which often look something like this:
If you're using the new GroupSubHeader template in the groupedGrid to display header descriptions... You can hide that row when empty by putting the following under your grid_itemDataBound. using Application.Common.Web.UI.Controls; GroupedGridItem ggi = (GroupedGridItem)e.Item; if( ggi.Level == GroupedGridItemLevel.GroupSubHeader ) { ggi.Visible = ((Header)e.Item.DataItem).Description != null; } and they go on and on like that! Can you imagine the time it would take to come up with that stuff?! Sure, I wish I could spend hours crafting long emails like that, writing funny sections with made up words and gibberish just for laughs, but instead I force myself to be short and concise, like this:
hey, it’s 12:35 and I just got in, can u believe it?! meeting larry for lunch in 20 mins, but want to meet up for a beer after that? I should be back at work by 3ish unless you want to catch a flick. –von

8)Honesty: I am not a suck up. A lot of guys on my team are always sucking up to our manager by constantly “showing off” the work they did that week at status meetings, and “answering questions” when he asks them. I would never sink that low, and I think it’s clear what any manager should reward when given the choice between that kind of sycophantism and someone who isn’t afraid to be honest and make fun of his lisp or his Mormonism. Pretty impressive, right? In my opinion, we are talking promotion material, which is why I find it very surprising I can't even get a raise or a not fired!

A Defense of Bloggers

A commentator on my blog has made the following points:

"One's personal diary and/or therapy ravings and/or venting about work are not what Free Speech is about."

Ok. I am a little worried about your desire to limit freedom of speech so quickly. Is freedom of speech allowed only if your talking about the government?

He goes on to side against employees:

One can hardly be surprised when the thus informed public including employers, local clergy and neighbors find them less-than-hugely-enthralling..

Now are you suffering from Stockholm Syndrome? Do you so identify with your boss that you will take the side of the ruling class in class warfare?

The commentator also insists that we all get what we deserve:

What you do in public earns you everything you get in response.

Now I am pretty sure that everybody does not get what they deserve.

(Warning for KARMA lovers.)

I mean Jennifer Anniston is famous, rich and pretty, but her husband left her. Britney Spears' first husband got jack squat for a payday.

And I guess thousands of children were misbehaving during the Tyhpoon in Asia and God was watching.

Stupid stuff I did

Januarary 10th, I head over to the post office to pick up some registered mail that was sent out to me on Jan. 5.

For the upteenth time its mail informing me of a Jan. 4th date for my appeal. Oh yea, I had an appeal Jan.4th. I wonder how that went. If anyone who reads this blog was there, I would like to hear how it went. I hope it went ok.

Then like a stupid dipshit I let the deadline pass for apealing my unemployment.

Well I am now hooking up with an employment office for work - I can't survive forever with no money. Hookers are expensive and so is CRACK.

I am thinking I will just keep the blog going talking about my misadventures as a TEMP.

If I hear anything else about my former job I will let all my dear readers know.