Monday, May 27, 2013

Just live blogging my life away

It's Memorial Day, which means that you get another day of freedom without having to actually do anything to defend it.

It's okay. All those poor people and minorities, and white trash you love to make fun of for loving they country will be out there risking they lives & you can just go back to eating grilled salmon.

You can't even eat hamburgers on this American holiday you fucking jerk.

Not like me. I eat hamburgers every day, because I love my country. Even if one day you see me on the news getting accused of blowing shit up. We both know you guys had it coming, and everything I do is for the good of society in the long term.

It's tuff being a hero that's misunderestimated, but that's my lot, and I'm not one to to dwell on the inevitable.

I think it's time to get started. To start the heavy lifting. But we will see. We will see.