Friday, July 30, 2004

A Hero's Goodbye

A few of my posts got lost and the rest never got published. I will keep trying to post regularly because I need to keep * BF * informed, since this is her last Day!

**BF -Obviously not her real name --changed to protect the GUILTY!

I sure am gonna miss those 25 minute breaks!
Since I am a government worker I will still take those 25 minutes, just by myself now!

I think I should just say goodluck and congrats to, BF.
You got the hell out of COUNTY work- you've done your time. But don't look back, otherwise you might turn into a pillar of salt.

As to complaining today--well wouldn't you know today has been kinda slow, so there has been no need to get angry at anyone. Although a nice, older lawyer needed me to show him how to use the mouse on a computer like 24 times and yet he still does not quite have it down. He was born before TV, so I guess I won't hold it against him.

Next, I got yelled at by a women who insisted that I sold her the wrong forms and then proceeded to bring me up the exact same forms to buy again. It might've helped her cause if she hadn't needed her 12 year old daughter to make all of the decisions for this family.

This kid acted more like an adult than her mom. Dressed in a pink power suit , Powder-Puff-Teen-Attorney-Action-Girl, (action figure sold separately) proceeded to read all the fine print in the Self Service Center Guides and then point out how retarded her MOM is.

Now For your Daily Counts:

  • number of hotchicks..............................................................................9
  • number of hot chicks under 18 seeking child support...........1
  • number of people asking whether I am a notary or not........2
  • number of crossed eyed people encountered at court........................1

First Post

The first post for my blog was actually written more than a year ago. But my blog got deleted somehow by blogger.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

It's 4:35 and I should probably be working or something, luckily no need as of yet. It's finally kinda quiet. Nothing too incredible happened today. Let's just say no one has really pissed me off or anything.

I hand out divorce forms all day, so I meet the nicest people having the worst fucking day of their life.

People sure are jerks, always demanding me to give them legal advice.

"I know your not allowed to give legal advice,but...?"

"Your gonna go ahead and ask anyway aren't ya buddy?"

This is not the DMV, I do not provide answers, get a friggin lawyer you cheap ass. The only people who make it in to this place seem to be retarded, insane or both.

Just yesterday I overheard a fat middle-aged woman talking on her cell phone.

"I should go tell them." she tells a co-worker of mine. "That I've got multiple personality disorder, that's why I can't remember instructions."
She never made it over to tell us. I guess that personality forgot to tell the one who was supposed to inform us.

This Thursday is free LAWYER day.

A civil servants idea of hell. Satre wasn't kidding --hell IS other people!