Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm like a "mean" David Cross?

I'm like a mean David Cross?

How is that even possible?  David Cross is like the meanest person on earth.

He has a giant swimming pool full of drowning kittens.  An entire swimming pool, full of kittens.  He has giant tubes that connect to the pool that dump kittens into it by the hundreds.  Hundreds of kittens at a time into a giant, swirling 20 foot tall hot tub.

As soon as the pool gets full of kittens he floods the pool full of water and turns on the heated  water jets.  Then he just sits back in his chair (after a hard day's work of screaming at little old ladies leaving bible school) and watches as the poor little creatures jostle around  and drown.

Now answer me this?  How in  the world am I anything like David Cross?

I don't have a pool or anything.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dog days of Summer

If you have come here hoping that I have awoken "Kant like" out of my days of slumber, then I have bad news for you.

I am not sure if that day is coming.

I don't know what to tell you folks.  What I can tell you is that I am not even checking out my blog stats on a daily basis.  Nor even a weekly basis.  I can't remember the last time I looked them up.

That is heresy to every blogger I know.

Perhaps we should no longer call me a blogger.

I make a decision I am sure I won't keep.

I have decided to forgo anymore E for the next two months.  I am hopeful that after a period of rest my brain will return to normal.  If not then I guess I will join the ranks of the millions of you who choose to never read a book.  Who watch Jersey Shore and drink Tequila in the morning.

I drink for medicinal purposes only.

Alcohol is the only drug that quiets my brain.   A heavy night of drinking slows down my Central Nervous System to the point that I feel almost like my self again.

I am on my third beer tonight.  It's 4am and I have to work tomorrow.  Most people would not be drinking right now. But  doing things most people do has never been anything I have  been good at anyways.

Note to self:  Identify and enumerate things  I am good at.  Write the list and stick it in a bottle.  Throw out to sea.  If it comes back then you truly are "gifted and talented at something."

Secondary note to self:

Do not drink contents of said bottle as most likely they will be contaminated with oil- slash- irritating chemicals designed to break up oil.

Note the use of spelling out slash whilst making use of the physical dash.  Note that that note is not that interesting.

To quote a friend of mine that I have never met,  "They aint all gotta be epic."

Is there other big news?

I recently added the Chinese Android Rom MIUI to my Droid. The Rom kicks ass.

Things I have noticed about the ROM.

  • Much quicker than stock.  I was not overclocking my phones computer processor and my phone was quite snappy.  
  • No app drawer.  Big flaw in my mind that was almost a deal breaker.   I added Launcher pro, but hate Launcher pro mostly because on my droid it usually ends up seriously lagging along with some serious redraws.
  • I love the advanced notification bar that gives one the ability to toggle gps, wifi and the like.
  • Totally dig the lock screen that gives you three choices as to where your unlocking will take you.  Text, Phone or Home Screen.
  • iPhone like. But what the hoohey.  
  • Some cool wall papers.
  • There is a lot of other cool stuff, but you don't care.  

Note you need to be "rooted" in order to apply the rom to your phone.  I do not recommend that you void your warranty and I am not responsible when you brick your Samsung Alias trying to put this kick ass rom on your low tech messenger phone.

Go ask mommy for a smart phone.

Maybe I will give away my phone in some kind of super contest.*  I think I would get more hits for doing that, than if I suddenly was able to write like Kerouac.

*I will never give my phone away you jack-asses.