Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm like a "mean" David Cross?

I'm like a mean David Cross?

How is that even possible?  David Cross is like the meanest person on earth.

He has a giant swimming pool full of drowning kittens.  An entire swimming pool, full of kittens.  He has giant tubes that connect to the pool that dump kittens into it by the hundreds.  Hundreds of kittens at a time into a giant, swirling 20 foot tall hot tub.

As soon as the pool gets full of kittens he floods the pool full of water and turns on the heated  water jets.  Then he just sits back in his chair (after a hard day's work of screaming at little old ladies leaving bible school) and watches as the poor little creatures jostle around  and drown.

Now answer me this?  How in  the world am I anything like David Cross?

I don't have a pool or anything.


Anonymous said...

Where you been, man? Hope everything's okay.

Romius T. said...

I'm doing about the same as I always have. I have lost interest in most things though, and that includes this blog. I am essentially not writing anymore, I guess I owe the loyal readers a little note about that. I have been planning on writing a post telling everyone that I am quitting. Just haven't gotten around to it.

Anonymous said...

Too bad. You know, they've got drugs for those times you lose interest in most things.

Be well and keep in touch, okay?

Romius T. said...

I will, I mean bloggers are always saying that they are going to quit and I hate being one of those attention seeking bastards just looking for folks to be like "please don't quit." I am not trying to do that..that's why I say for now I am just disinterested and won't be blogging...but who a few days...weeks...months I could be back. If you look at the history of this blog there have been times when I have stopped blogging for weeks or months at a time. I'm sure I will go back.

As to drugs...I need to stop the self medicating, as nothing seems as interesting or fun as getting high or drunk. Regular life is dull. And so is everything I do in life.

The blog is just at times profoudly disappointing to me when I read over it. It's just not very good. I wish I could get it to the point where it did not bother me how poorly it is written.