Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Truth About the Chamber of Commerce

This nifty little web site has the lowdown on one of the shadiest group of muther fuckers alive, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce at The Truth About the Chamber.

Those asshats are always making up shit and taking the corporate side over working people every day.

Well, at leat it's still safe to earn 600 million dollars if you run an oil company. They are lucky that the unabomber didn't blow up any of these immoral assholes.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Hangover-free Buzz:

Just what we needed, the ability to get drunk with out all the nasty side effects. I anticipate drinking at work 24/7. Ugly chicks (and dudes rejoice. More good looking people drunk, means more oppurtunities to score with them! Your beer goggles want Mr. Spock. - Hangover-free Buzz: Star Trek's Synthehol Now Possible

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Evaluation of Ted Kaczinski (with pic and updated goodness!)

"This month sees the 10th anniversary of the arrest of Theodore Kaczynski, aka the Unabomber. Via the blog, news that the official psychiatric evaluation of Kaczynski has been released and can be read in full here. Fascinating stuff."

Source: Blog Archive Psychiatric evaluation of Ted Kaczinski

I remember reading the Unabomber Manifesto after the NYTimes released it. I was working at a local library and thought his proscriptions for curing modern alienation were pretty funny.

His basic problem with the Industrial Age was that it left people with too much time on their hands (for mail bombing I guess) and if you had no electricity and had to carry water from the creek to your house their would not be much time left over for war, alienation, etc.

But if you read is mental health evualuation you'll figure out he just needed to get laid.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The God Who Wasn't There: Clip: The Gap

The God Who Wasn't There is a movie that discusses the 4 decade gap between the supposed "death" of Jesus H. Christ and the gospel accounts of his life.

It's all kinda "conspiracy" like "Why does it take 4 decades for people to write this down and come up with a story? It does include a n interview with autor Sam Harris.

The God Who Wasn't There: Clip: The Gap

Of course with all this talk about the newly discovered Gospel of Judas one has to wonder if today's Christians would be recognizable to by it's earliest members.

The Huge Entity has a nice peice on this topic as well:

"Alternative histories of Christianity were about as popular 1,800 years ago as they are now. A new gospel is exciting for scholars, but it is hardly the first.There are four gospels in the New Testament. But by the time Irenaus attacked [The Gospel of Judas], there were according to some estimates, more than 20 known Christian gospels doing the rounds."

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Comic Strip Generator

Ok, The whole polls thing has been a fiasco. The pope wrote to me and so did that guy from Americas Most Wanted (did you know that show has been on the air for 18 years?) They're all "that poll is a little wacked, we are concerned...blah blah FBI, blah blah. Instead I am just going to start my own comic strip with this StripGenerator and junk email it to all you.

Most of my comics have something to do with anally raping cabbage.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Polls, oh...the humanity....

I know you are all thinking, "what this blog is missing is an inane poll." Good News!!! Fellow "helpers" .... Soon I will be loading the poll. Actually I did, but now it's not working...hmmm..Let me gets my teck skills working on it.

It's your first poll Charlie brown....I chose this poll because I am constantly bombarded with this question (what kind of vehicle is best to abduct kids with?) from your e-mails. So instead of taking the time to answer each of you individually I just chose to put a poll up.

I know what your thinking, the obvious answer is School Bus, but you have to remember that a lot of them have cameras now. Certainly you can't think car or truck. Years ago this was a good choice, but simply throwing a kid in the back of the trunk isn't as safe as it used to be. Many kids have cell phones and chips implanted in their wrists. You can't exactly search them from inside the trunk.

Objections? Yes, I can see that a van parked outside of a Jr. High with no windows can a bit suspicious. I recommend removable ice cream stickers on the outside. Kids love Ice Cream.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

God puts Benzene in Soft Drinks.

Or maybe it was the soft drink makers, either way I am appalled. Christ, the one thing in my life that never lets me down (coke is it baby!) , but now I gotta be scared of this.

Orange soda appears to be the worst culprit (I just bought a bunch of orange soda for guests-hmm...guess I could throw it out...) Go here for the wiki wiki on this.

BREITBART.COM - Benzene Levels in Soft Drinks Above Limit

Truthdig - An Atheist Manifesto

Truthdig - An Atheist Manifesto:
You should go read this article by Sam Harris on Atheism. Sam is a philosopher, but he has the happy coincidence of being brutally honest, for instance this little diddy "only the atheist realizes how morally objectionable it is for survivors of a catastrophe to believe themselves spared by a loving God while this same God drowned infants in their cribs." Ouch, huh bible believers...


The entirety of atheism is contained in this response. Atheism is not a philosophy; it is not even a view of the world; it is simply a refusal to deny the obvious. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which the obvious is overlooked as a matter of principle. The obvious must be observed and re-observed and argued for. This is a thankless job. It carries with it an aura of petulance and insensitivity. It is, moreover, a job that the atheist does not want. "

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Man can't get a job because he blogs fan letters to Star Jones!

Utter Wonder: The Idle Thoughts Of C. Monks Read It However You Will

I figure I am gonna have to start writing this guy fan letters. His blog is totally funny and a must read. He also makes fun of people from Denmark and if that isn't enough he even cracks jokes about windmills.

Source: DriveTime via

P.S. Drivetime looks pretty cool, it's a video blog talkshow "taped" while driving, so I expect the finale to be in the form of a fiery death.