Monday, April 10, 2006

The God Who Wasn't There: Clip: The Gap

The God Who Wasn't There is a movie that discusses the 4 decade gap between the supposed "death" of Jesus H. Christ and the gospel accounts of his life.

It's all kinda "conspiracy" like "Why does it take 4 decades for people to write this down and come up with a story? It does include a n interview with autor Sam Harris.

The God Who Wasn't There: Clip: The Gap

Of course with all this talk about the newly discovered Gospel of Judas one has to wonder if today's Christians would be recognizable to by it's earliest members.

The Huge Entity has a nice peice on this topic as well:

"Alternative histories of Christianity were about as popular 1,800 years ago as they are now. A new gospel is exciting for scholars, but it is hardly the first.There are four gospels in the New Testament. But by the time Irenaus attacked [The Gospel of Judas], there were according to some estimates, more than 20 known Christian gospels doing the rounds."

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