Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, hero to the working poor.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, will bring 12 million discounted gallons to needy families in Massachusetts. Citgo, owned by Venezuela, is selling the oil 60 to 80 cents gallons less than the market rate to needy families.

Regarding the acknowledged animosity between President George W. Bush and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, it was insisted that the day was not about political "one ups-man-ship." "This, today, is about people. It is not about politics."

Sadly, it takes a pinko commie from another country to help the working poor with gas prices in America.

The article is here. Thanks, Sploid.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Raising the minimuim wage did not hurt the economy in Florida.

Before last year's elections,( on a a political action committee backed by the likes of Publix Super Markets and Outback Steakhouse had some hair-raising predictions about the effect of bumping up the minimum wage.

Thousands of jobs would be lost if voters increased the state's rock-bottom wage to $6.15 from $5.15, said one e-mail sent out by the Coalition to Save Florida Jobs.
Jobs would be outsourced overseas, the e-mail said. Even companies that paid above the minimum wage would be forced to raise pay for everyone, said retailers and restaurants that opposed the amendment.

Today, though, it's hard to find much wreckage in the Florida retailing and restaurant industries, the two groups that bankrolled the Coalition to Save Florida Jobs.

Seventy-one percent of Florida voters passed the increase, and since the new minimum wage was implemented in May, retail stores and restaurants have added tens of thousands of employees.

Monday, November 14, 2005

How to piss Maddox off.

Piss off Maddox by practicing "random" moments of surrealism in your life.

Lesson number one..watch the movie Spanglish on the Spanish SAP audio channel or HBO Spanish. Try it. It's fun.

(Maddox once wrote apeice on how people think they are funny if they blurt out random shit. Since that's my whole act I kinda got pissed for him calling me out on that. now that I have had to explain an inside joke that was shared by me only, "I hope you get the joke.")

Friday, November 11, 2005

Peter Gallagher Sings

Crimes against humanity. That was my first impression when I heard film and television star Peter Gallagher sing. Apparently after a performance on his TV show the O.C. someone got the idea that subjecting the world to the "vocal stylings" of Pete would equip Al Qaeda with a destructive bomb more powerful that an atomic weapon. They were right.

For the love of god, some one put him out of his misery. A rabid dog in this country would receive more care and protection.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

People from Kansas are stupidier than me.

Always the glutton for punishment Kansas recently turned back science to the 18th century in a tit for tat "no I really am that stupid" voting sequence the Three Stooges would have been proud of.

"For the third time in six years the Kansas school board has rewritten standards with evolution as the central issue."

The effects of this strange new ruling will be felt through out the community by scientists, doctors and of course barbers.

"We find leeches to be effective for the treatment of cancer and sour stomach." Said one barber from Supercuts.

"Actually we prefer hair stylist now." I was corrected by the comely young lass who had her hands drenched in a bucket of blood.

"Doctors won't be allowed to practice medicines anymore, so I have to start practicing with these." She explained while holding up a squishy pair of leeches and eels.

In addition, the board rewrote the definition of science, so that it is no longer limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena.

"I liked that part the best." replied god when he was asked how he felt about the changes. But when asked for his/her response Krishna wasn't so sure "It seems to me that religion and science shouldn't be separated, that's what the Vedic literature teaches."

"I thought we killed that pagan idol a long time ago." A reflective god mused regarding his lack of influence on the billion or so Hindus who have failed to master the antinomies of monotheism and the trinity.
"At least I got me some republicans in Kansas."

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Self Help of Insanity and Marriage.

In my former life as a library assistant* I was continually asked to find reference materials on the requirements for marriage and the conditions needed for an annulment. One of the ways I discovered that you can sneak out of a marriage was to have one of the parties labeled "insane."

In addition one of Arizona's statutes explicitly states "a first cousins may marry if both are sixty-five years of age or older or if one or both first cousins are under sixty-five years of age, upon approval of any superior court judge in the state if proof has been presented to the judge that one of the cousins is unable to reproduce." Nice to know sterilization is still offered for those "deviants" who would like to marry, but do not want to place an undue burden on the state welfare system.

Not knowing the history of proscribable marriages I thought it was kinda goofy, but harmless. As I am now in the middle of reading Edwin Black's War Against the Weak a book which details the crimes of Eugenics here in America, my opinion has been considerably altered.

The book describes in detail "how by identifying so-called "defectives" (many so called feeble-minded, insane, and epileptics) were subjected "to a legislated segregation and sterilization program" which deprived thousands of the natural rights to be married and to procreate.

According to the book, the history of prohibited marriages in America has more to do with racial discrimination and upperclass dominance, than the thinly disguised excuses of hygiene. The key decision was Buck vs. Bell (for all my law friends) which opened the floodgates that eventually allowed the government to systematically sterilize and castrate some 30,000 people. A total of at least 60,000 between the years of 1890 and 1940.

It was easy and not unusual to label "promiscuous women" as feebleminded. Not that it took much (shockingly little) to label women as promiscuous or prostitutes back then. I must note that this website has in many ways insulted the lower class, promiscuous women, defectives and deviants, so my outrage may come as a surprise to any remaining long time readers.

But I suggest, there is a bit of difference between my sarcasms and intentional use of satire in contradistinction to members of the legislature who actively cut off people's balls. I prefer the old fashioned method of ridicule. Sticks and stones do the breaking of bones.

*I would like it noted that I am not a lawyer and any use or misuse of the materials (which are given for entertainment purposes only) that you view on this site is at your own risk. I cannot expect or even hope to have all the lawyers who read this dribble rescue me with correct legal advice. Anyways I am not in the business of engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. That would be wrong, plus the state no longer pays me to give out poor legal advice.

If you are not married and have not established paternity who am I to tell you to grab the Packet for Paternity plus custody?

Happy November!!

Why is November such a great month? Well of course there is my upcoming B-day. Have you thought about what you are getting me for my birthday? Remember I have expensive taste. I will be turning the big Three-five. I am older than Jesus.

November 29, is also the premier of the second season of the Gastineau Girls.

How much more excitement can you get?

Thursday, November 03, 2005

What the internet is for.

The internets are for people without a face for television, the voice for radio, or the writing ability of journalists from the Weekly News.

I fit right in.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Fat has a taste.

"In experiments with rodents, French scientists identified a receptor on the tongue that appears to detect dietary fat. This counters the traditional view that the taste buds pick up only five basic flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and "umami," -- a flavor associated with the food additive monosodium glutamate (MSG)."

I know most of my friends thought I made up the "umami" spice so here is the proof that I did not. Now I know why I am gonna keep getting fat, it's just my tongue's fault. I may go home and rip it out.

"The fact that the tongue harbors receptors for fatty acids could shed new light on appetite control and obesity, according to the researchers, led by Philippe Besnard of the University of Bourgogne."

Bloggers without borders.

Tips regarding staying anonymous on the blogosphere. Handy little ditty that might have prevented yours truly from getting fired.

Here's another tip, don't use company e-mail to send links to your blog. Get used to it, we live in the Surveillance Society.