Sunday, October 31, 2004

Abolish Work Website.

Abolish work

The only problem with this webpage is that it misunderstands the nature of the communist critique of capitalism.

If the author simply read the 1844 Manuscripts by Karl Marx he would have a better understanding of socialism and the nature of its attack on the free enterprise system; nevertheless, at least he gets some things right.

There is more freedom in any dictatorship than in the ordinary American workplace.

Don't believe me? When was the last time you thought about needing to get permission to take a piss? You have no privacy, no thoughts, no right to your time when you are at work. The only freedom you have is the freedom to be fired!

Most citizens get caught up believing in the Freedom and Truth that is America, the last European based state to condone slavery. While wage-labor may not be as horrific as the barbaric system which held sway in our recent past, one day future generations may very well be unable to grasp how we allowed such archaic methods as wage labor to exist...

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Attorney General Spys on me

I was checking on my blog stats recently. I have allowed the blog to coast since being indicted by those who are above me.

But according to the proxy some one from the Attorney General's office appears to have checked out this beleaguered blog. It may have something to do with the Oct. 29 pre-hearing regarding this weblog and it's creator. Ahh, nah I'm proboably just a little paranoid.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Mom testifies in slaying-Dad kills kid , rather than pay child support!

Mom testifies in slaying: "'When I told him I was pregnant, he didn't want to be bothered,' Belue testified.
Belue said Kelly asked if the two of them could agree on child support without any intervention from the Friend of the Court.
Belue said she told Kelly she was willing to work with him on the amount and on when it would start being deducted from his pay."

Friday, October 15, 2004

Something Awful - The Internet Makes You Stupid

Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Are working in an area you didn’t go to school for and feel desperate for change? Do you ever have that not-so-fresh feeling in your secret spot? Well, today I’m here to help you go over your career options because like you, I found myself living a lie.
Something Awful - The Internet Makes You Stupid

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Customer service crushes Life | Latte, tea or me?: "The customer service crush can spring into existence just about anywhere: restaurants, banks, video rental stores, even airplanes. "

Monday, October 04, 2004

Customers Suck! Funny harrasment story!

Customers Suck! The Customer Is Never Right!

Customers Suck! The Customer Is Never Right!

Customers Suck! The Customer Is Never Right!

Fun in Cubicles!

Caramel Baxter Is The KING PIN (Of This Web Site, Anyway)



"I've been writing the life and times of this office park for just over a year now. It is a multi-faceted trek through the aisles of corporate AMERICA. See, I don't buy all that "oh ha ha ha, I'm stealing the office supplies" shit you often see in office geared entertainment, though I surely do it, steal the office supplies, and yes meetings are so boring and middle management is so dumb, etc., just like they say on TV, but...the fact is, man, that TV version of what the office is like isn't real isn't the true drama that is OFFICE.

Office is love and hate and violence and sex and nudity and bitter pills to swallow and fire storms and politics, local, regional, national and international and diverse groups with differing beliefs coming together to sock it to ya, baby!!

This site, CUBICLED.COM is all about getting it right. There are story lines that go and go, like me and the LOVELY VP ELISE HAYES. And some just DIE, like BYRON MANDO. And some are NEW, like YANCY THE MANAGER DOWN BASEMENT WAY. And it all swirls, baby. All mangles together into a POST-MODERN PORTRAIT of the REAL FUCKIN WORLD. SO, okey doke, then.

That's what I think Cubicled is today. It's soo complicated, sometimes, it's hard to follow. Sorry. Let me know if you need help. Most of all, KNOW I FUCKIN LOVE YOU...EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!
Yours Truly,