Wednesday, July 27, 2005

One Year of Strate Bloggin!

I just can't seem to think of what I am going to do with this blog, since I no longer work for the Self Help Center. I know that I have been helping you "Self Help" for almost a year now. I guess that's sorta my mission now, to help all you morons out there.

Not that many of you couldn't be helping me. So far I only have 12 Pepsi Points and I need a total of 40 before the end of August. I do really want that Houston Astro's hat. I am 34 and what little hair I do have is ready for the comb over as we speak.

I also thought that adding a pic of Britney Spears would send my Blogshares upa bit, as the moment they are flaggin a bit. And if any of yall want to collect Pepsi Points for me , well I am sure that is not a violation of some obscure talking point from the pepsigopro guys.

CODES MUST BE OBTAINED THROUGH: 1) THE RETAIL PURCHASE OF PRODUCTS IN SPECIALLY-MARKED PACKAGES; OR 2) THROUGH THE ABOVE REFERENCED "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY" METHOD OF ENTRY (see Rule 4). CODES, POINTS, ACCOUNTS AND/OR ENTRIES CANNOT BE SOLD, TRANSFERRED, TRADED, BARTERED, AUCTIONED (INCLUDING THROUGH INTERNET AUCTION SITE) OR GIVEN AWAY. In addition, points/entries from this Promotion in a particular Account cannot be transferred to any other account, combined or pooled with any points/entries entered in any other Account or shared with any other Account. No groups, clubs or organizations can register an Account or participate in the Promotion. If your Code is illegible or unreadable, Sponsor's sole liability in such instance is to replace the Code with another Code with the same point/entry value, at its sole discretion.

It was tiny fucking print.

Gracie likes us!!!

More proof that smarts don't equal good taste " The blog as a whole is interesting too ... One of the many that have been fired for blogging ... And there are many more than I would guess most people are aware ... Read up kiddos ... Forewarned is forearmed... hehe"

Her blog points to all kinds of stuff she likes. If this blog is any indication she must like good stuff!

Just another reason not to demolish this limping blog apart. "Everytime I thinks I am out, I gets dragged in again!"

I wonder is she is cute, I wonder if we will get married. I sure hope she got some money.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why didn't I think of this?-outsource your job!

Here's a story that mentions that Slashdot commenter that outsourced his job # 

"About a year ago I hired a developer in India to do my job. I pay him $12,000 out of the $67,000 I get. He's happy to have the work. I'm happy that I have to work only 90 minutes a day just supervising the code. My employer thinks I'm telecommuting. Now I'm considering getting a second job and doing the same thing."

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Waiter Blog & more

Here are a couple of links to "work site blogs." From Memepool. The waitstaff blog of:

An online narrative of the life of a bouncer at two of New York's most popular nightclubs.

And a Rant from a cook:

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

About Me.

About Me. I was told every blog should have one of these.

I am 38. I work in a grocery store. I am an atheist and a Marxist. I have acid-reflux disease, and for a white guy I can make a pretty mean homemade refried bean tostada.

A brief history of this blog:

This blog started out as a work blog. I worked for the county in a self help court center and law library. I started writing a blog to help me deal with the customers that came in.

One day my boss discovered the blog. I got fired. Then I started writing mostly about stuff I found on the internet. Finally, I decided I would write a "fictitious" account of my life as my alter ego Romius T.

Romius T. is an amplification of my worst/best qualities. We both like Preggo Porn. We drink too much cola. We also like to get drunk and wallow around the house. We both complain to anyone who will listen. We both know how miserable YOU ARE even if you won't admit it.

Read my third best post and learn about my ex-girlfriend.

I hope you take every thing I say seriously, because the best satire is believable. If you get offended by anything you read here I want you to think I was joking. If you agree with anything you read here... then I was being serious.

This blog was reviewed by the website Ask and Ye Shall Receive.  They fucking loved it.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

UFO-the definitive history.

Stolen from Rock Dectector:

UFO is the best band you never heard of. I am about to take care of that.

A hugely influential Hard Rock band noted for the soulful talents of vocalist PHIL MOGG and superb songwriting abilities based around the triumvirate of Mogg, bassist PETE WAY and wayward guitarist Michael Schenker.

UFO's impact upon the world of Hard Rock has often been underplayed but the band rose to become one of the top stadium Rock acts in America and their musical legacy can be felt in countless latter day successful acts.

Indeed, no less a personage than James Hetfield of METALLICA entitled his very first band OBSESSION in honour of UFO's seminal 1978 album. UFO have successfully married strong melodies with some legendary riffs in a combination that has achieved world-wide success.

The band's progress has only been marred by the various members admitted excess of drugs and alcohol, which has resulted in the band's career being rather turbulent at times.

UFO formed initially as THE BOYFRIENDS as a trio of Way, guitarist Mick Bolton and drummer Tic Torrazo. The group would journey its way through other guises (such as HOCUS POCUS, THE GOOD, THE BAD THE UGLY and ACID) before adding drummer Colin Turner to replace Torrazo. Upon adding vocalist Phil Mogg the band changed titles to UFO and soon ditched Turner in favour of Andy Parker. UFO debuted with a live appearance at Fagin's Blues Workshop in late 1969.

The early teenage incarnation of UFO achieved success in Germany and Japan with their first three albums, including a number one single with a take on EDDIE COCHRAN's 'C'mon Everybody'. In Germany both 'Boogie For George' and 'C'mon Everybody' fared well on the national singles charts. Still teenagers, UFO toured Japan to superstar status. Such was the influence of 'C'mon Everybody' the band were forced to play it live on a Japanese tour 23 years later!

Estimates put sales of the first three albums, including the 'Live' opus, at over three million in Germany such was the band's popularity there. However, it was signing to Chrysalis in 1974 that things really started to take off globally.

The material prior to the 'Phenomenon' album was experimental, spacey Rock but things would begin to change following Mick Bolton's departure.
In January 1972 ex-SHAGRAT, BLODWYN PIG and LANCASTER guitarist Larry Wallis joined the fold, but his tenure was relatively short and in November 1972 Wallis quit to join PINK FAIRIES and later MOTÖRHEAD.

UFO had been on tour in Germany with support act the SCORPIONS and 'borrowed' Schenker from the German group as Marsden found himself stuck in England. The loan turned out to be more permanent in spite of Marsden arriving the next day and fulfilling his obligations on the final leg of the tour.

UFO were so impressed by Schenker that Marsden was shown the door once live dates had ended. Marsden subsequently joined erstwhile JETHRO TULL bassist Glen Cornick in WILD TURKEY before finding international recognition in WHITESNAKE.

The 'Phenomenon' album, produced by TEN YEARS AFTER bassist Leo Lyons, boasted what were to become two all time classic Rock tracks, namely 'Rock Bottom' and 'Doctor Doctor'. For live work during this period UFO hired the aforementioned second guitarist PAUL CHAPMAN, previously with UNIVERSE and SKID ROW, to augment Schenker.

In October of 1974 UFO put in their inaugural American shows, gigging at the infamous Los Angeles Whiskey club and supporting STEPPENWOLF amongst others, also putting in a showing on Don Kirshner's weekly concert TV show. Although the 'Phenomenon' album failed to crack the Billboard charts the influential 'Rolling Stone' magazine predicted that UFO would become "a very big act in an extremely short time."

1975's 'Force It' continued the upward trend for the band. The band's American tour included legendary live broadcasts from the Los Angeles Record Plant, tapes from which would become highly prized on the bootleg market. UFO's concentration on America would also saw a virtual non stop run of gigs through October up until late November when the tour was rounded off as support to EDGAR WINTER in New York.

For 1976's 'No Heavy Petting', again with Lyons at the helm, UFO had added ex-HEAVY METAL KIDS keyboardist DANNY PEYRONEL to embellish their sound. UFO toured Britain in April of that year with support bands NUTZ and DIRTY TRICKS before setting off in May for American dates, including opening the established 'Day On The Green' festival and a burst of headlining club shows, one of which had the fledgling VAN HALEN as openers.

Although UFO had made steady progress to that point, their albums potential was hindered by lacklustre production. However, 1977's 'Lights Out' saw the band utilising the services of Ron Nevison and sowing the first seeds of their American success.

Unfortunately, on the eve of their debut American tour supporting RUSH, guitar player MICHAEL SCHENKER performed what was to be the first of his notorious disappearing acts. Former guitarist PAUL CHAPMAN (now firmly ensconced in LONE STAR) was hastily drafted in on a temporary basis before the wayward Schenker was located in Europe and persuaded to finish the tour.

In spite of internal frictions UFO's persistence had paid off with American radio taking to 'Too Hot to Handle', and the 'Lights Out' album remaining on the Billboard charts for nearly half a year peaking at no. 23 and earning the band a well deserved gold album.

American reaction to the band's polished Hard Rock sound meant that it was sensible to relocate. The band all moved to Los Angeles and began recording 'Obsession', once more produced by Ron Nevison, in February 1978.

The awesome live album 'Strangers In The Night' (captured whilst UFO still featured Schenker superbly on form) was released to enormous acclaim, finally heralding UFO as a major band in their home country.

The album boasts probably more classic cuts than any other live effort, featuring as it does 'Doctor, Doctor', 'Lights Out', 'Rock Bottom', 'Only You Can Rock Me', 'Shoot, Shoot', 'Too Hot To Handle' and 'Love To Love'. The live version of 'Doctor, Doctor' cracked the British charts and witnessed UFO promoting it's release with a 'Top Of The Pops' TV appearance.

UFO's status was now such that members appeared as celebrity guests on the 'Hollywood Squares' TV quiz show. UFO really got to grips with America during the summer of 1979 with a lengthy touring leg initially with JUDAS PRIEST as openers, both British acts coincidentally promoting groundbreaking live albums. However, in Chicago roles were reversed and UFO became the opening act. UFO then added a further leg with AC/DC as their guests.

In August of 1979 the group cut their debut product with Chapman "No Place to Run". Production was handled by the esteemed BEATLES producer George Martin at his studios on the Caribbean island of Montserrat. The sessions were just completed prior to the island being ravaged by Hurricane Camille.
The album was launched in America upfront of a European release. It fared well, reaching no. 59 on the Billboard charts and UFO closed the year with a taster tour of their homeland in December as a portent of things to come for a full blown British tour in 1980.

PAUL CHAPMAN made his recording debut with UFO on the George Martin produced 'No Place To Run' album in 1980. Recorded in Montserrat, the album had an unenviable task following the might of the live album, but still contained strong moments. In America UFO were by now headlining sold out arenas.

1981 saw another strong album 'The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent', produced by the band themselves. Amply displaying Mogg's almost film noir approach to lyric writing, the album was bolstered by diverse experimentation, such as a string section and the haunting 'Profession Of Violence'. Keyboards on the album were supplied by former LONE STAR and URIAH HEEP man JOHN SLOMAN.

Another mammoth world tour ensued, including dates alongside OZZY OSBOURNE in America, before heading for Switzerland to record 'Mechanix'. Producer Gary Lyons was employed as UFO struggled to maintain a fresh approach to the Hard Rock sound.

UFO stuck to their guns, with Paul Chapman filling in on bass for studio work on the next album. Although a strong record, the Mick Glossop produced 'Making Contact's headway was severely hindered by numerous setbacks. For the European leg of the tour bass duties were handled by then TALAS bassist Billy Sheehan, but during a show in Athens, Greece Mogg collapsed onstage causing a near riot with Sheehan being struck by an object thrown from the audience.

The band took some time off before their British tour, during which it was planned to record dates for a live album. The live recordings were strangely only issued in the form of one side of a family tree based tribute album entitled 'Headstone'.

In 1984 Mogg travelled to America to recruit a guitarist for the revitalised UFO and for a time YNGWIE MALMSTEEN was strongly rumoured to have landed the job with DOKKEN's fret burner GEORGE LYNCH supposedly also in the running. However, Japanese/American ex BOY WONDER and THUNDERWING guitarist Tommy McClendon gained the honours.

Occupying the drum stool would be Miles Baggs. Oddly the band rehearsed for a short period with VIVA's Barbara Schenker (sister of Michael) on keyboards before Paul Raymond rejoined the ranks alongside bassist Paul Gray and former DIAMOND HEAD drummer Robbie France. Initially, there was talk of not naming the act UFO but THE GREAT OUTDOORS in honour of an Edgebaston off license!

UFO set out on a British tour supported by TOBRUK to debut the new material and revised line up before recording began. Kevin Elson, noted for his landmark albums with major acts such as JOURNEY and FOREIGNER was chosen as producer but this relationship did not work out. The resulting 'Misdemeanour' album featured some very strong songs but was crippled by Nick Tauber's lightweight production. The rather thin guitar sound of McClendon, who by now was renamed somewhat bizarrely 'Atomik Tommy M, didn't help matters either.

Following the somewhat lukewarm response to 'Misdemeanour', UFO effectively split, but not before recording a mini album ('Ain't Misbehavin') for the indie FM Revolver label. This release only served to show that Mogg was sorely missing his old songwriting partners, as the material was strictly second rate.

It would take a number of years before Mogg and Way committed to a line up of guitarist Laurence Archer, previously a member of STAMPEDE, GRAND SLAM and RHODE ISLAND RED, with ex WILD HORSES and ULI JON ROTH drummer Clive Edwards.

This line up recorded the commendable 'High Stakes And Desperate Men' album, produced by Kit Woolven (also featuring keyboardist DON AIREY and backing vocals from ex NIGHT singer Stevie Lange). The new record had been named after a Wild West novel Mogg was reading at the time but with a slight name change from the original and slightly derogotive 'High Stakes And Desperate Men'!

In typical fashion, European shows ended in Russia with Mogg, fortunately on the last date of the tour, falling offstage and breaking his leg!
The 'High Stakes' album was purposely held back from an American release as the possibility of reuniting the classic 1978 line up grew stronger. In some downtime, Way and Archer produced the WRAITH album 'Danger Calling'.
Archer and Edwards joined MEDICINE HEAD when it became apparent that Mogg and Way were intent on reuniting the classic line up.

After putting in work with the idea of teaming back up with PAUL CHAPMAN, it was finally announced in 1993 that the 1978 line up had reformed for a very low key tour of Germany. The alliance was pushed through so quickly that tour promoters were unaware of Schenker's involvement. The shows, with support act QUIET RIOT, were a huge success for UFO as they played the classic 'Strangers In The Night' set plus some of Schenker's own 'Thank You' record.

Testing the waters in America, UFO performed at a festival in San Antonio in April 1994 alongside MOTÖRHEAD, BLUE OYSTER CULT and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. UFO signed to Zero Corporation Records in Japan for a phenomenal advance later the same year to record the superb 'Walk On Water' album, which arrived towards the end of 1995.

UFO began a high profile American tour with support acts TRIANGLE and LODE in late June 1995, including a headline slot at the Milwaukee Festival and runs of 4 sold out nights in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Parker by now had laid down his drumsticks for good and his position was taken by ex TYTAN, AC/DC, DIO and RHINO BUCKET drummer Simon Wright.

The tour continued on into November, with the band returning to many cities to play larger venues. Most venues sold out and UFO confounded the critics by proving so successful with no American record deal or financial back up.

Trouble struck later in the tour when Schenker disappeared mysteriously yet again (old habits die hard!), necessitating the cancellation of many shows. Rumours abounded concerning fistfights between Mogg and Schenker and another collapse into substance abuse from Way. The band duly folded once more, unable to continue the dates without Schenker, as contractual obligations stipulated the guitarist's appearance.

Amidst this hive of activity, Mogg and Way also busied themselves by recording an album together with American guitarist George Bellas and ex JEFFERSON STARSHIP and JOURNEY drummer Aynsley Dunbar. The resulting album, 'Edge Of The World', which included backing vocals supplied by MR. BIG's ERIC MARTIN, emerged in 1997 under the band name of MOGG/WAY.

The album cover and style of the act's logo left nothing to the imagination.
After the emergence of the MOGG/WAY album UFO settled their differences with MICHAEL SCHENKER. The errant guitarist had in the meantime issued a further solo album, 'Written In The Sand', and a live effort recorded in Japan entitled 'The Michael Schenker Story Live'. The band also negotiated a long overdue European release for the 'Walk On Water' album.

The band put in a lengthy and well attended tour of Europe, with DANGER DANGER opening on the continent, which included a run of British gigs in early 1998 supported by DIRTY DEEDS before predictably Schenker jumped ship once more in the middle of a Japanese tour.

Mogg and Way knuckled down with recording a new album, enlisting Raymond and Wright. PAUL RAYMOND also began work on a further solo album for which Mogg aided on lead vocals.

Meanwhile, the errant German guitarist, still professing future commitments to UFO, toured with MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP as part of the 1998 G3 guitar tour alongside ULI JON ROTH and JOE SATRIANI and issued a further MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP album 'The Unforgiven'.

UFO was far from a spent force in 1999 though with negotiations still taking place between Mogg, Way and Schenker for a further album.

Meantime it was announced that the year 2000 would also see the release of a UFO tribute album.

UFO settled their differences with Schenker and pulling in Aynsley Dunbar on drums again to cut a new UFO album 'The Covenant'. Meantime Way issued his first purely solo effort 'Amphetamine' as Mogg busied himself on his first solo album working with MOGG/WAY and COSMO SQUAD guitarist JEFF KOLLMAN and drummer Shane Galaas.

UFO's first effort to feature guitarist VINNIE MOORE and drummer Jason Bonham would be the Tommy Newton produced 'You Are Here', issued through SPV Records in February. Japanese versions added the bonus track 'Messing Up The Bed'. European headline dates throughout February and March, traversing Greece, France, Spain, Italy and Germany, saw German guitar virtuoso ULI JON ROTH as opening act.

With Pete Way still experiencing visa difficulties, JEFF KOLLMAN, no stranger to the family having worked with both MOGG/WAY and $IGN OF 4, took over bass duties for UFO's 2005 US tour dates supported by THE LIZARDS.