Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I should make it clear to the world that I have 4 readers

I am not reading any of your blogs. My google reader is at plus 200 for my "friends" tag. It is not that I don't want to. I just don't have time. I have Netflix issues and Amazon.com issues to deal with online. My book by Eric Schaeffer never arrived from Amazon so I had to file a claim to get my 5 dollars back. Netflix lost a DVD so I have been getting two DVD's instead of the three I should get. Since I don't have a computer I am also not watching Netflix online. I feel like I am getting jipped by NetFlix and I plan on stopping the service until I get a computer.

I am thinking about my subscription to my gym. Two months and two visits, but I guess I don't need it if I can beat random 40 year old hipsters who die their facial hair black in arm wrestling contests. But it is still a waste of money and I regret buying it. Only it makes little sense to cancel since the upfront costs are substantial and it is only 25 dollars a month to keep going.

I just can't focus on working out since I am drinking so much soda. I am drinking soda because I don't have a working dishwasher so I don't have a clean pitcher to put my tea in. I can't drink tea without a pitcher. I won't buy any more plastic cups (the Mexicans are drinking all my plastic cups) so I just keep drinking coke because at least I can recycle the cans. I made 10 dollars the last time I turned all my cans in and that was because I used the automated self crusher rather than going down to the junkyard and getting 80 cents a pound from them. I was not sure they would be open, and I did not want to take the chance that my gas would be all used up on the drive to a closed junkyard.

I had a long conversation with card shark the other night about women. We both complained that the female's interpretation of romance was the default societal position and that hogwash as the romantic nature of the female position is just as unsubstantiated as the sexual nature of a man's position. Card Shark is convinced that all of life's mysterious can be divined from the book One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest. I am convinced that Loose: A Memoir of Promiscuity will divine all the needed information on slutty chicks that we will ever need.*

*I have 5 minutes left. I need to get a laptop. I need to get a job that pays better. I am eating ham sandwiches for dinner every night. I need to stop going out drinking. I need to save money and get the computer so I can get this blog back to normal. I think I will try re-writing some of the old posts when I get the new computer, but that is for some time in the future.


DCup said...

Jesus Christ I'm glad you cleared that up. I tried to eat a ham sandwich for lunch, but the ham tasted funky so I settled for grilled cheese.

Are you sick of me yet?

peas are sweet said...

you have 5 readers. don't forget about me, i'm still here.


Romius T. said...

I stand corrected. 5 readers. I am glad you are still around "peas are sweet."


how could I be sick of you? You put up with me. that says a heck of a lot. I too was considering the grilled cheese with ham though@