Friday, August 15, 2008

I am still homeless. The fro won't asnwer the door!

I am still homeless and the only thing I know about being homeless is that homeless people don't have refrigerators and without refrigerators I don't know how they keep their baloney sandwiches from spoiling which I guess is why homeless people just drink beer because you can buy beer cold and the one good thing about beer is that is makes you forget all your problems.

I had forgotten that about beer because I don't like drinking beer when I am upset, but I am considering changing all that as beer makes the slow nights after work with no computer and no netflix bearable. I need something good in my life as the construction wakes me up early which is why you are getting all these lousy blogs with no spell check and no forethought. I know what you are thinking, "not much different from your previous stuff." Thanks. I guess I will stop taking two hours to write one post and just throw up a new blog entry everyday!

I haven't told Card Shark that I have decided to make him the villain in my eviction. He won't like that as he always wants people to like him and he is hoping I make the fiance the bad guy. But I won't do that to her. I know I should not try and make him feel bad about making me homeless but it is too easy as he has a lot of guilt built up over the years from his many indiscretions.

Enjoy your microwave ovens and peeing indoors, bitches!

Romius Texis
the homeless blogger
the blogger without a computer

I hope subway has a deal on a sub. I'm hungry.


lucky charms said...

Maybe I'm bad luck.. *looks over at Britney*

Yeah, maybe I'm bad luck.

Stephanie said...

Never fear. My son is going to gather his teenage girlfriends to stand on the corner in bikinis and cutoff shorts. They will wave wet chammies and signs bearing the words, "Romius Car Wash!" Stay hopeful!

DCup said...

Come to GA and crash here for a bit. Just keep your hands off the kids. They're diseased. ;-)

Romius T. said...

Lucky -we may need to change your nickname ....maybe fruity pebbles!


thanks for the support and tell your son and his friends i can't wait for the carwash. My truck is dirty

I am catching a cold myself. I promise to keep my hands off your kids and recylce cans for extra gas money for you! (of coourse what your kids do with their hands is lol. just kidding ,,,,

Self improvement tips said...

I'm homeless, too:(