Friday, August 29, 2008

I am going for the record. Go read the New Jezebel's Riot.

I am on a path that will break my all time record for posting in a month. I have posted 21 times this month. If I post again this month I will establish a new record. I hope that you are all impressed. If you are not impressed with me and my copious blogging then perhaps what you need is to take a gander over to Jezebel's Riot.

Jezebel's Riot is all about a young womans life in New Orleans. It is guaranteed to make your eyes bleed or your money back.

"I have a voodoo man living next door. No joke, an honest to goodness magic man who converses with the trees on a daily basis and receives artistic gifts from the winds."

See? I bet you wanna go read her now. If you have not already been, then you must go. Jezebel is my longest running blog friend and she writes wonderfully crafted sentences that haunt you long after you read them. If I had talent I would write like her. But since I don't at least you can go read her and I will take credit for the 5 or 6 extra blog hits she gets today. You will not be disappointed if you don't count realizing you have been spending all your time reading my blog when you could have been reading a real writer.

Good night and god bless you.

Romius T.


jezebelsriot said...

Ah, my favoritest of the cyber friends. You freaking crack me up. Talent-schmalent. You got class, buddy.

Romius T. said...

thanks buddy. bud did ya just say that i have no!