Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I am still sick

My throat is scratchy like I am trying to swallow an S.O.S. pad. I can't breathe yet and not breathing is no fun.

I was supposed to go to work at 2 but traded a few hours off so that I could complete my move from the one room with carpeting to the one of the freshly painted rooms. The new bedroom I will occupy still has paint dust everywhere and needs to be swept or vacuumed. All my clothes are belongings are packed into plastic bags. That will make it easy for the real move which will be soon I hope. Assuming the FRO is alive. If he is "he'll have tales of chainlink glory holes,green lunch meat and decorative oranges told to be edible."

The move took me a little over an hour and I am sure I will be breathing tiny particles of paint which I am sure will raise my mercury levels to unsafe proportions. I am considering suing, at the very least I will need to stay away from tuna fish sandwiches.

If you ever wondered why I don't post as often as some other bloggers I think you know why now. I won't be posting on Bathos or the Karl Marx blog for a while as I just don't have the time with the super slow Internet connection that the Tempe Public Library uses. They have a little note on the door at the computer lab blaming Cox, but the Internet is always slow here. I think we are using Commodore 64's on dial up here. It takes 4 minutes to check my e-mail which consists of my mother and step mother's forwarded jokes and racist attacks on Barrack Obama, who I had no idea was a lesbian Muslim who wants to turn America into Cuba.

I am congested. I feel a weight on my lungs. I will be coughing a lot soon.

Yesterday I blew my nose a lot. When I start to blow my nose all I do is blow my nose. I remember as a child i had pneumonia and filled a large brown paper sack from the grocery store full of little snot rags. My mother insisted I was faking it. She thought there was no way possible for a child to have that much snot.

I went through an entire box of Kleenex yesterday at work all by myself. All the while I am touching your vegetables and handling your food. I made a suggestion to go home and my supervisor just laughed. I talked a pal (thanks milly!) to come in early today for me so I could finish packing and get some rest (I still ain't sleeping, i can't sleep knowing the Mexicans are on the way.) The Mexicans did fix the door bell today so we know have a door bell. I still have not got my book by Eric Schaefer in the mail. So far that is like 20 dollars down the drain. And I spending money too much, I am eating out a lot as I don't like eating around fumes. I get depressed easily and seeing the crack house fills me with anxiety. I am very anxious lately. I have too much to worry about. I don't like having to think about stuff so much. I will be glad when the move is over.

I told Leslie about my hanging out with my ex yesterday. I mentioned Leslie because she likes me to talk about her on my blog. I told her she would not need to read the next few posts as I described my sick symptoms and evening out with the Google eX.

Leslie told me that if she was 25 she could be interested in me. I asked her what her friends would say about a 17 year old girl dating a 37 year old man. She said her friends would think she was a bit desperate. I had to agree though I had hoped that it would be cool for a girl in high school to date an older man, but I have a feeling only a 13 or 14 year old will think dating a much older guy like me will make them cool.

I started reading a memoir, A loose Woman. it details how the author used her body to get attention. It is filled with sex and I hope to learn a lot about women by reading it. Maybe I will get laid sometime soon. I can't about sex too much when I am sick. That is what made my last masturbation session during the Olympics so creepy for me.

I have only a few minutes left. I still want to write about my night out, but it was not that interesting to be honest. If I do write it I promise it will be boring, so don't get your hopes up. I just need something to keep you interest while I wait for a computer and access to the Internet. I sure hope Britney has not done something crazy while I have been away from the net. I can't visit the drunken stepfather either as it is banned from public libraries. I was hoping me and Jesus were gonna be best friends.

God damn google has fucked this post by dropping half of the changes and edits I have made. Fucking internet. Fucking google. If this post makes no sense blame the TPL , Cox internet and Blogger. don't blame me. I am sick and I have to go to work and take another poop there. Jeez I hate that.

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DCup said...

Feel better, okay?

And keep your hands off you wee wee. That shit will make you go blind. Then you'll be sick and blind.