Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am moving and that means I won't have the internet for a while

Which I guess should depress you, but it won't depress you as much as it does me. I am addicted to the Internet. I am at the library today so I don't have time to write a long post or correct my spelling. I won't have a podcast for while either even though I have enough material for two or three podcasts. I know you don't care about the podcast, but I figure it is my one last shot at getting famous as this blog only has 3 readers one of those readers is 13. So maybe you won't miss me. But I have a feeling you will when the emptiness of your existence is made apparent by my absence.

I will be moving back to my old place of residence with my awesome roommate the FRO. The Fro hates when I talk about his gout and drinking escapades, but there really is not much else to talk about with the fro.

My roommate Card Shark has decided to get married and that means I am getting evicted. I get to live in the house while they do all the repairs and upgrades that the house has needed for the last few years. So I get to live in crack house and the wife gets wood floors. I guess it pays to have a pussy more often than not. Either way I a computerless as I was using Card Sharks computer and that has been boxed up. He has ripped out the carpets so I am walking around in a death trap. I stepped on a thumb tack and I am sure I will need a tetanus shot. I am deducting all my medical expenses from my last weeks rent.

I am not sure if the fro has Internet or a computer anymore and I will have to save some money for a computer of my own because I am tired of not being able to collect child porn on the computer that I borrow. I think I need to save about 150 dollars to get a computer that will let me surf the Internet. I am planning on cutting off Netflix and eating baloney sandwiches for the next two months so I can afford a used computer and a wireless router and broadband access. I will try and post when I can from the library, but that means I won't respond to much e-mail or your comments, or read your blogs for while as all I get is an hour of free Internet a day at the library and even that time has to come early in the morning before I go to work and if you know me you know I don't like being awake so damn early.

I think Cars Shark expected me to stay a little longer in the house but like I said it is a crack house now with no computer, no floors, and 3 Mexican workers hammering at the crack of dawn. I can see how the house is going to be nice for the new wife. For instance the new locks the mexicans installed don't need to be jiggled with a key to open. It sucks that the locks get fixed on my last day there. I was always annoyed by jiggling the key. Also the new lights in the kitchen are replaced, I no longer need to use the flash on my camera when I post a (cooking with t.) segment from that kitchen. Again all useless to me and franky the lights in the kitchen will go unused as the family moving in (team card shark and wife) are not exactly cooks.

Well folks I am thirsty and I need to go to work. I will be hunting for a part time job at night so that I can afford all my bills. I want the internet and I want a computer and the only way you ever get anything in life is by working for it. hahah

Sorry, I could not keep a straight face with that line of bullshit.

I will miss you guys but keep checking for periodic posts and go ahead and comment I will try to answer them.

Lucky Charms is not only a great cereal it is a great alias!


I can't disagree with you. I am all about laying down a moral or two and I think this blog is fine for those over 13 who have a parent like you at home. I was just giving you a hard time. I am kind of surprised that a 13 year old boy might find this blog entertaining with all video games out there. I just think that he should hiding from you looking at stuff like this like I did with my parents. All this openness and refreshing ability to interact with your kids is weird to me as my parents did not want to know anything about what I was doing if it did not involve getting A's in school. They liked to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that their children were not growing up so probably so they did not have to face growing up which I guess is why I am so good at being a grown up too.


You new Britney before she became Britney? Wow! I once got Hillary duff's sister to email me. Not quite the same thing but you get my point.

So for now good bye. But not for long I hope. Soon I will post about my "crazy" night with my ex. That should keep you looking forward. Don't forget the archives folks. Most of that shit is funny. I trust like the the fro you will start at the beginning and read a new (old) post every day. Then you can go the forums at the podcast and start debating what it all means. You don't need lives you've got me. Start a car wash and get my computer. I want a laptop and a desktop and i want 3 gigs bitches!

Your favorite homeless blogger,
Romius Texis


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Homeless is as homeless does. Turn that frown upside down and enjoy not being free for a change.

Romius T. said...

i appreciate all your support doctor von monkeyswtein!

DCup said...

I think you're making it up. I think you're breaking up with us to go hang out on Facebook.

I'm deeply hurt. (pout)

Romius T. said...

I wish. facebook is so cool and has tons of pictures of girls just sprouting secondary sexual characterstics...