Monday, August 25, 2008

I am still congested

I am sure I have bronchitis.
I need to go the doctor.

I am too lazy to go. I don't feel like picking a provider. I don't understand how to use my insurance. I want a packet that tells me what to do. My last insurance company gave me a packet and told me what to do. But now I have Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and I guess Blue Cross does not understand how ghetto my old insurance was. My old insurance understood that I never had insurance so they steered me away from claim forms and picking doctors. They managed my health care.

I got my hair cut today.
That is why I have no time to post.
I must leave the library in 7 minutes to make it to work on time.

I just wanted to say hi to the 3 people still reading this blog. Steph. Lucky Charms, and D-cup.

I would have bought a laptop but I was invited to go drinking. I had to buy my favorite bartender a few drinks because it was her birthday. She plans on buying a gun with all the money people gave her. I refuse to give money to unstable people with a history of violence who are planning on purchasing weapons. That's why I don't donate to the Republican National Party.

I drove to the FrO's parents house. His car is not there. None of his family members are there. I knocked and rang the door bell no one answered. I would have stayed but his parents live in the ghetto. I was afraid even during the daylight hours that I would be attacked by marauding packs of dogs or gangs. The mystery deepens. Has the FRo and his entire family been abducted by aliens?

Does anyone know a good private eye?


Stephanie said...

You poor thing. Just look in the phone book and pick the closest doctor and call them. They do the rest. If you aren't feeling compelled, I have some Amexicillin brought back from Nogales or something. But I tried it while ill and it didn't help. I was so freaked out by foreign meds that It didn't even have a placebo effect. Fro is probably long gone. You might have to resort to the motel situation. If you get one in town here you could develop a cool working relationship with one of the more attractive prostitutes in the area. But you have to hurry because they are all getting pushed out by encroaching parking lots. Like some kind of spotted owl. Poor women.

DrugMonkey, Master of Pharmacy said...

First Barack stiffed me on his promised text message, and now this.

There are 4 people who read your blog, bitch.

Anonymous said...

The monkey called you a bitch. You're never going to get well now.

Wanna arm wrestle?

lucky charms said...

Hey the comment section on this post feels like a roll call :)

Lucky Charms: present!

You know I got a cold right before you did. If there's a pattern here, then you may be in for some kidney stones in the near future...


Romius T. said...


I was hoping to be able to pick the hottest female doctor possible. I am going to start putting doctor's names into search engines. I pick chick doctors with hot sounding names like julie.

Master of Pahrmacy aka the drug monkey aka the drug nazi:

I am so sorry about forgetting you. after all this mess with obama too, well I can get you an autograph from obama's communitst brother in kenya if that helps

bring it on!

Lucky Charms

I am frightened about kidney stones. I drink caffeine and eat cheese with double the calcium. I am do for some kidney stones!