Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What the blog is this? Two posts in one day and I don't have a computer? I am one addicted geek.

I am writing this blog post from an Internet cafe. I know. I feel like I am in some kind of third world country and the only way I can access the Internet is by paying money at some kind of coffee shop. This Internet cafe serves tea. I like that. It charges me 7 cents a minute to be online so I think I just blew my weekend entertainment budget.

I feel all flush with cash because I know that my store once again finished in second place for the biannual shopper contest. That means we will be getting a one hundred dollar gift card soon. I plan on using the gift card to buy a Visa gift card so I can pay for a used laptop at a used computer store. I hope to save all my quarters and pocket change for the next month and have about 200 dollars. I think that will be enough money to get me online. Then I will have my own computer for the first time since I started playing around on the old BBS systems back in the late 1990's.

I think I told you guys I belonged to an adult BBS. It was kinda like yahoo personal ads and a chat room all in one. I think a whopping 10 people could access the BBS at one time. The BBS even had some old school graphics. All the members met regularly at a bar and hooked up with one another. They were all old, fat and gross for the most part. I was young and moderately attractive still and could get a date so I did not need the service. I just liked playing on the computer and all the interactive fun brought me back to my glory days learning basic and pascal in high school with mr. rafter. It was in mr. rafter's computer class where the nickname romius texis first started.

This blog is going to have to remain "bloggy" until I get my computer and start writing with more of the romius t flavor you all have come to love and demand. I hope you can manage until then. I have spent $1.54 so far typing this. My blog costs me money. I really need to win the lottery or something y'all.

My internet cafe is right next to ASU and you would think that would make for an exciting cafe full of hot chicks and drunken frat boys. You would be way wrong about that. I guess all the ASU kids can afford wi Fi and have their own laptops. They all drive cool jeeps and BMW's, so I guess a few hundred bucks is nothing to their parents. I have always been envious of the frat guys. They get to wear tank tops and sit next to their bleached blond girl friends. They know how to drive stick shifts and drive with their hands between their girl friends thighs.

I usually just sit at the bus stop, shading my eyes from the sun. I poke around my back pack for a new cd to pop in my portable cd player. I have to change out the rechargeable batteries every so often. I watch as all the cool kids drive by me. I know that even when I get my mp3 player it won't be an ipod. I know when I get my car I will be too old to take pride in the fact that I drive. No one will give me credit. They will shake their heads at any woman silly enough to attach herself to me. "What's a girl like you doing with a guy like him?" If the question is not directed at her from friends it will be directed at me from her. I won't have an answer. I won't be able to defend myself, because I need to wait for the 100 dollar gift card to get a computer.

It am alone in the Internet cafe except for another white guy in his forties who is typing away on his Macintosh computer soaking up the free Internet access that comes with a minimum purchase of 5 dollars. The lone attendant, I assume to be the owner, is an Asian man in is late twenties or early thirties. He doesn't speak English. I asked him to explain the fee structure for logging on to the Internet, but I soon gave up. I can hear him in the back of the cafe doing dishes. The sounds of dish washing are unmistakable. Pots and pans banging and clanging together and the soft sound of water running. I can almost taste the aroma of dish soap. The only other people in the cafe left. They were both black. One male and one female. The female sat outside and sneaked a few peeks my way. She sat out on the patio directly in front of my table. She chose to sit across from me even though her boyfriend was at a computer further down.

The man worked on a resume and called people on his cell phone. He assured the caller that he was not mad at them. I think for some reason black woman find me attractive lately. I have been getting a vibe from them. Normally black woman think I am jokester and stay clear of crazy crackers like me. They figure depressed, loner white guys are the ones that go crazy and I think they have something there.

I lost my cell phone for a few hours today. It was turned in. I was thinking just before it happened that I never lose my cell phone. I thought I lost my mp3 player yesterday, but luckily I did not. I found it the empty tissue box that I carry around in my cloth grocery bag that I use as a substitute for book bag which I guess is a substitute for a brief case which is what a 37 year old should be carrying around unless you buy the movie I watched last night with Christian Slater in it where he is a crazy white guy who plots to kill all his co-workers. But instead of killing all his coworkers he ends up saving them by shooting another crazy white guy and becoming the hero and gets promoted up to executive where all the other executives insult him by telling him that executives don't carry around brief cases so I guess I don't know what the hell to think.

Today Leslie asked me why I never talk to her outside of work. I told her it that was because she was half my age and I could go to jail. Also she has a boyfriend and doesn't like to drink beer. I make drinking a requirement of all my girlfriends because it is the only way I can get them to find me physically attractive. I need to do something because I would sure like to have women get sick in pain from the need they feel to be intimate with me. I am not sure how this post got here. I bet you wished it didn't. Too bad for you.


lucky charms said...

I am not sure how this post got here. I bet you wished it didn't. Too bad for you.

Hahahaha. Nice.

Sorry I disappeared. I've been at school, internet-less this time because I'm not stealing like I did before, plus I've been working in a lab during the day.

But I'm still reading! :)

I'm glad you're reading other blogs by the way. You were putting way too much pressure on me. I knew I couldn't live up to it.

Plus I haven't been getting any new and random hygiene products for a while now :)

Romius T. said...

just because I am reading one blog a day does not mean you are off the hook...

Stephanie said...

1. Ack. Mr. Rafter...I thought I might forget him forever. Thanks.
2. Jonah's Bro. My first husband. He ran his own BBS in the late 80's early 90's. I was one of the few cool chicks who learned some code. Does Tardis ring a bell? I was just talking to a friend this morning about those lame-assed meet and greets. Strange. They were, by far, the MOST boring events. Trumped only by trolling Radio Shack and hobnobbing with the manager on his off hours.
3. Women don't REALLY like those frat boys. Seriously, all kinds of women including the ones that actually sleep with them talk shit about them behind their backs. It's a mystery to me.
4. I hope you feel better.

Romius T. said...

haha glad I got you to remember mr rafter!

Even though people talk shit about those asshats I still feel jealous sometimes. I can't help it.

Tardis. It that dr. who? I was never a big fan.

The meet and greets for adult bbs are probably better because at least the nerds were getting laid!

lucky charms said...

haha aw you're so cute.

My semester is starting tomorrow, which means unless DrugMonkey tells me all the answers, I am totally disappearing off the face of the earth.

Still haven't gotten internet in my apartment, either.

I promise, the second my classes get mind numbingly boring.. I will write a review of some shampoo or makeup or something.

I'll tell you all about chromatography and NMRs, too.