Friday, August 22, 2008

I am the Hulk of snot

I give up. I guess I will just be blowing my nose forever. I will cough up green nuggets until the end. I find that accepting death is far better than fighting against it. Death will be sweet release from this cold which has me locked in a death embrace.

I think I am feeling better but it hard to tell. Even though I feel a little better I might have to learn to live with being a deaf. So much fluid in my ears I can't hear the TV.

Being deaf is not easy. I know. I had to help two deaf people today at work and deaf people are always mad. Deaf people are the easily the most frustrated group of handicaps you will ever encounter. I am not sure why deaf people get so frustrated. Deaf people aren't even all that handicapped as they like to point out. They just can't hear you too well. You would think spending your entire life dealing with hearing people would teach you things like patience. You might think they would say something like, "here we go again another hearing person who can't figure out what we need."

Instead Deaf people just grunt and point and use their secret hand signals like you know what they mean and they get super pissed off when you have to ask them what the hell they want and then they point at paper and pen and suggest to you that you really should write every thing you want to say to them down because they can't hear all that well and all the time you are thinking that maybe they hear fine that they just don't talk well, or maybe they are retarded. I guess deaf people don't like being confused for retards and I can't say I blame them. Who wants to be thought of as a retard when your only handicap is not listening?

Deaf people like to think that if we hearing folk just got out the way they could take over the world and everything would be OK. But if you have ever seen a group of deaf people hanging out at a bar and having a few drinks then you would know what I know and that is deaf people have a mean streak and chip on their shoulders. Deaf people get very animated when they drink together and yell and sign aggressively to one another. I hope a deaf person never gets elected president as a deaf person would be more likely than a hearing person to pull the trigger.

I have uncomfortable encounters with deaf people.

Deaf people have their own culture and don't like sounds or things that remind them of sounds and even though they don't realize it they themselves are always making strange sounds and some of those strange sounds are very close to words or seem to mean something to us hearing people so we hearing folk get all confused.

I wrote down address and phone number of the store which is what deaf people were looking for. It was all very confusing because I kept hearing they needed MY name when all they wanted was the STORE'S name.

It was a good thing that they did not want my name and that they wanted the store name because I thought they were gonna report me for discrimination or something ,but I guess deaf people like to write down store names or something as maybe they just forget what stores they go to or you make up your own reason why I needed to write the name of the store down for them as the store name is all over the store and even a deaf person should know how to read and remember that little bit of information.

I watched Team USA drop the baton during the Olypics last night and got depressed about it. Then I then watched Sweeney Todd and wondered why. Netflix still owes me a third DVD and they are taking their sweet time sending it out. I sent them a nasty email along with a nasty email to because I have not received the book I ordered by Eric Schaeffer. ( I can't believe I am still Single.)

I did get my insurance company to send me paperwork to enroll so I will be headed to the doctor for a check up on the Super Aids, prostate cancer worries and all my other ailments. I need new glasses and I need to go to the dentist and I will be able to do all that soon.

I checked on the FrO and no one has been near the house for a good week or two. I have decided to visit his parents on Sunday. Let us hope is alive and well or I will need to move in to one of those pay as you go motel rooms. Actually I kinda like the idea of fresh sheets every day.

This posting reminds me of the 30 posts in 30 days of may challenge I gave myself a while back. Only I never got close to posting 30 posts and I think if I did I would all be stuff like this. I can't keep up with the news or anything because I get all my news from the Internet. I don't like blogging about stuff I read in the paper or see on TV.

Mexicans shit a lot.

I can't tell you how much toilet paper I have gone through since the construction workers have started working at the house. I had 24 rolls and now I am now down to just one. What the hell are these guys eating that they need to shit as soon as the get over to the house?

They also used up all my poopie sheets. I wake up and I find all the bathrooms closed and sprayed with Lysol like they can't wait to take a shit at a whitey's big house. News flash. Whitey don't own this house. Whitey just wants to visit the toilet and not see a toilet sprayed full of pinto beans. I have my poop watch. I guess I should just go ahead and add the poop watch for construction workers.

I think you call it a courtesy flush. I know now it is not part of your culture, but please... look in to it people.

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