Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Bad things always happen to me, sometimes twice a day"

I had a nose bleed yesterday so I may be dying from something. I've never had a nose bleed in my life so it kinda freaked me out. I was at work when I noticed my goatee was red. I blew my nose and noticed that blood was pouring out of my nose. Maybe my sinus is just too dry and maybe I should just stop picking my nose, but I like picking my nose. Picking at your nose can be a full day of fun and I can't afford real entertainment.

I got served with a civil complaint today. Some old woman knocked at my door and asked for a person with my name. She confused me by saying she was an officer of the supreme court and I just figured I was getting arrested again for drinking and driving even though I don't drink and drive anymore. I should no better than to answer the door or admit to being me as it is always bad news when someone is looking for me. I can't believe I let some 60 year old grandma fool me into thinking she was with the court system. I used to work for the courts I guess that is why I got fooled. (I was thinking maybe they had some documents for me from my last job--but come to think of it what government worker works on Sunday? God, I am an idiot.)

It turns out Capital One is suing me over a credit card debt. The financial companies must be desperate as they are now filing suits in small claims courts against their destitute debtors. I have no sympathy for credit card companies and I never intend to pay them back. I feel it my civic duty to steal as much money from them as possible. I am a communist and I feel it is my religious right to withhold money from those greedy capitalist pigs!

The capital one credit card company is suing me for 1100 dollars plus attorney fees and other fees which total out an additional 250 dollars. All this for a card that had a max limit of 500 dollars. Of course I am not sure at all if this suit involves the last credit card I had or not. I have a feeling it could be just as easily my ex wife's card as the the summons had the contract saying it was part of marital property and I am being sued as a husband and wife team even though I haven't been married for 4 years. I payed alimony for a year so the wife could pay off our mutual debt and I would be surprised if she did not as she was always good with the bills and her credit. So maybe they have me confused with a Romius T. that had a 1,400 dollar credit card bill. I sure hope so.

All that is ironic as I was "served" my court papers while watching a report from Bill Moyers on the "industry" which has sprung up around fleecing poor people. I think I will file an answer to this law suit where I will just accuse Capital One Credit Card Company of preying on poor people and call them on their evil tactics. I probably won't get the suit thrown out and I am sure I will lose, but at least I will get a my two cents in. Though I am sure even that plan for revenge won't work/I am sure the justice of the peace won't allow anything into evidence that I will try to bring up. But I will do my best. I just watched one of my fave movies of all time, A FEW GOOD MEN. I am so in the mood for a good legal style smack down. "I am going to slam dunk these guys!"

I guess it is too bad my podcast does not make any money or I could start a legal defense fund with it. I have always wanted to have a legal defense fund. That way I could be just like Bill Clinton. I should answer the civil suit as I am paying for their attorney's fees anyway and they should have to at least work for them. Did I mention my podcast was finally dugged by a super gal who shall remain nameless? I think you long time readers should be shamed and get to stepping on the digging.

This post is kinda depressing. I guess you will have to wait till the next post to see how my "date" with my Google ex gf went. I can tell you it was not a date. I met her at a bar with a few of her friends to hang out as we have not seen each other in almost 3 years. It was a little weird and as always a little dramatic on her end. Some people can't handle their liquor y'all.

Now some google key words Capital One Credit Card Company sucks. Capital One preys on poor people and charges way over the top fees that borderline on the criminal. Capital One hates the working class and poor people and they are stealing your money. Cancel your credit card if you have a Capital One Credit Card. Don't give them any more of your money. Make them sue every single card holder. I hope Capital One goes out of business. Here is a hate site for Capital One:

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I love the idea of a consumers' revolt.