Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This is the end...

Welcome to the last post of 2008. I won't do any of those annoying "best of lists" because for the next three months that's all you are going to read about or see on TV. I hate those lists as much as you love them and that is another reason you won't be getting anything like that from me.

I have to go to a party soon. Actually I am picking up a coworker and giving her a ride to a party because young people deserve the opportunity to get drunk and make an ass of themselves like I did when I was their age. Also, it makes me feel like I did something on a holiday even though I did not.

My internet g/f has been ignoring me and my ex gf blew me off to go party with out me. At least my little brother text messaged me "Happy New Year!"

Otherwise all I did was eat at Fast Food for New Years Eve. Lame. Though I did read an article that hated on Hipsters. That was fun.

2008 sucked as far as I can tell and I am happy to wish it good bye. 2009 is going to suck ass I am sure. I plan on working my ass off for no good reason other than to pay some bills and by a pair of glasses and new shoes for work. If I did not have a job I would not need new shoes so I guess that is the vicious circle that we all get trapped in sooner or later, and for me it was way late, maybe too late as I chose to get a job right around the same time that Capitalism chose to choke itself to death again. But capitalism does that every 20 years or so. It goes into it's last death throws and we [faux revolutionaries] all get excited and hopeful, but then some new kind of sinister fascism raises its head, and we will just have to deal with that.

I for one never liked privacy, and I am glad we are about to get rid of it. I just hope all this new government and private surveillance means I get to see you in your underwear. I know I don't wear any, so good luck getting that image out of your brain.

Best of luck my fellow bloggers. You will need it.

Romius T.,

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