Monday, December 01, 2008

It's been two days since my birthday and I am still hungover. I am contemplating deleting all my useless friends at myspace because none of them sent me a happy birthday wish even though whenever they sign in to myspace they get a message that tells them about upcoming birthdays so there is really no reason for them not to say happy birthday.

My eyes are bloodshot red. They look awful like I've sold my soul to the devil. Scary. Super AIDS style.

My landlord woke me up at 1130 this morning to give me notice that rent is going up 100 dollars a month. Now is the time to get this blog so huge that it could pay the bills. But in reality I am looking for a second job. After Card Shark's wedding and bachelor party and stuff are done I will hit the ground running and that means I won't be posting much other than stuff like this where I am typing with 13 minutes before I need to shower.

My toilet looks like a gremlin exploded in it. I threw up late on my birthday when X's brother forced me to drink shots. My liver is shot. My back hurts which means I am doing damage to the liver (or what's left of it.)

My house smells wet and it is 71 degrees inside. I left the door unlocked and the windows open. I left the patio glass door cracked when I fell asleep.

I ate and watched netflix and texted all day yesterday. I was too ill to blog or read your blogs. I read them all today. But I hate google reader because I am too lazy to post comments because of all the extra clicking that is required. I don't have much for you today. Sorry folks.

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