Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm sorry I pooped on you

I know I shouldn't have posted a picture of my shit just to prove to you all that I really poop green. If you click on the picture it expands to huge proportions and you can see a bit of the green hue in my shit as well as some of the specs of sunflower seeds. I have to apologize for my camera's resolution under poor lighting, but I felt fishing out the bowel movements and photographing them was a bit too much.

I think I will add a poll to my blog so we can democratically determine if you guys want to track my poop in real life. I could take a new picture every day. In a few years it would qualify as science. I really think I could win a Nobel prize or something, either that or really disgust my Internet girlfriend.

By the way, I am pretty sure Golden Smacks has agreed to marry me.

Good news, eh!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was the green poop that made her say yes.

commander other said...

You're the shit, Romius.

Romius T. said...

Honey smacks says it has nothing to do with green shitting. She wants me to drop the shit contest and then she can marry me.

commander other said...

well, that's just shitty, isn't it.

Romius T. said...

ver fuckin shitty C,O,