Monday, January 19, 2009

Volume 29

Hey, another episode of the Self Help Center Audio Blogcast is ready. Just click the link on the sidebar and you can download the podcast, you can subscribe to the feed from iTunes, or you can listen directly at the site. Don't forget you can vote for the podcast by rating each episode. If I get a god rating I can get back in the top 50 and start my dominance of another medium of communication.

The podcast is great for those on the go who don't have time to read the blog or are just to lazy to do so. And of course forwarding the link to all of your e-mail contacts is not considered spamming. At least by me.

My roommate was awake listening to his TV until 7am. At least that was how long he let his TV and computer blare. I finally went in to his room to turn off the noise so I could get some sleep and of course that dude was passed out asleep. So who knows how long I was forced to listen to the same episode of Battlestar Galactica. I have never understood people able to fall asleep to the sound of TV. I can't fall asleep when a TV is on in another room. I know my roommate reads my blog so this is just my way of asking my roommate to be an adult and turn of the volume to his media devices before he falls asleep.

I mean you are old enough to realize you are falling asleep, no? Don't you know how to turn off the power and just go to sleep? Actually I assume a 3 year old would be able to so and I would beat a three year old's ass if he did that so I think you should assume and ass kicking is on its way as soon as I get home from work tonite.

Blame the roommate for the reason that I slept till 1pm. And blame me sleeping in for the reason you got this shitty blog post. Maybe next time he will learn. I hope I don't have to post that asshole's e-mail so he can get spammed by all the upset 45 year old women who read this site. You really don't want to disappoint middle aged women. With the empty nest and vagina that no longer gives life, middle aged women start thinking of ways to get even with all the men who made promised over the years to them. And of course they never do, but some of them decide to kill on the Internet, because they have developed a troubling fascination with a younger and sexier version of the nerdy guy in high school they always wanted to bang, but figured that doing so would seal the deal from all the popular kids and they really wanted to sit at the "cool table."

Can't say I blame them as sitting at the cool table would count as the highlight of their lives. Because we all hate our children, resent our mates, and wish we could quit our jobs.

Don't do that shit yet. I promise another blog post or two tonite. I am sure that my roommate will keep me up till 8 am. And this time I won't just lie in bed at 3 am staring at the wall and wondering where I put my pocket knife. Wondering if the pocket knife can take down a 300 pound black man.

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