Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The poet of Schadenfreude

It seems like no matter what I do I can't do enough for any of you. I just took a quick look at my stats and I see that they have fallen off a cliff. I am getting under 60 hits a day on the Self Help Center.

I guess I should just resign myself to the fact that this blog is never going to take off and get popular and that the few people who read this blog get bored after a while and go some where else.

I guess you don't want to read about my ingrown toe nails, my poop, or my aborted efforts with women. Mostly because I don't really have any contact with women, if you don't count "accidentally" brushing my hand against theirs when I hand them change at my check out counter.

I know those women want nothing to do with me and who can blame them? I mean I think I have lost 15% of my hair in the past few months. I stopped drinking soda and even though all I do is drink Ice Tea without sugar I can tell you that I have not lost a single pound. I am still chubby and maybe we can blame all the chocolate I keep eating, but I would not need to eat chocolate if I wasn't so depressed and sad and I wouldn't be that if I had a few female friends from the Internet begging to masturbate for me on webcams.

I don't get anything like that offered to me even though I was the one to introduce you to Schadenfreude. I mean it seems like that word is all over the Internet now and just like always I am ahead of the curve on shit like that, but it never seems to pay off for me.

So I guess I will just offer you another place to take your reading time since none of you want to spend it here. GO visit the new blog I found. The writer is a very shy person on a mission to get with the ladies and be more social. It is kinda like the blog version of the MTV show that tells people how to get dates only without the obnoxious Mystery dude as the narrator just the computer geek trying to get his groove on.


LC said...

I actually forgot how much I loved that word until you used it. My friend had "schadenfreude" as one of her interests on myspace before deleting her account.

Sorry I didn't fulfill my promise to make you famous. On the bright side, Britney's making a comeback. In all fairness, it's been like 11 years since I emailed her. Patience is a virtue.

Hopefully you won't die from green poop or an ingrown toenail before the fame hits.

Romius T. said...


I won't give up yet on your king making status. Maybe I will stop blogging for 10 years and come back and become awesome. IT could happen...