Saturday, January 24, 2009

Don't read this post, it sucks

I took a break from blogging the other day, not that any of you noticed, or if you did notice, not that any of you cared. Even when you do care I don't understand why. Like the guy who asked me when I was going to do another podcast. "But didn't you say that you got bored of the last one in the first 3 minutes of listening?" I asked the guy. "Yep."

That doesn't make any rational sense, but then again neither do any of the people who would call themselves fans of my material. I guess just like you the guy figures it is better to keep me involved in the world by making my blog or performing it live as an audio blogcast than leave me to my own devices which turn out to be surfing and downloading porn all night on my computer.

Actually, I am sure it has nothing to do with that either, I don't think any of my friends would expect me to do anything but surf for porn for 5 hours last night. Maybe you guys just like punishing me by demanding creative work from me like a I should have some kind of deadline, even though not a damn person in the world gives a crap about it, and I will never make money, get famous, or gain anything out of doing all this other than my own sense of time filled and wasted.

I know this was pretty much a waste of a post and that it really had no point, but since no one has tagged any of my posts with the boring tag at least you can now. On the bright side if you want me to suggest some good jailbait Internet sites let me know. I can probably help you out. I know what you are thinking about that statement. "Finally he has said something worth paying for!"

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