Monday, January 12, 2009

I have a lot of buried anger inside which comes out as fashion tips for you

I try to stay away from death. That's why I have haven't posted in a couple of days on this blog. Every day this blog gets fewer hits and i can only guess that is because America is full of stupid people who don't want to read about my ingrown toe nails, or how I lost another paycheck.

Actually this time I did not lose the paycheck. It was put it in my file and the person who put it in my file lost it. I am quite angry at that person. So angry I thought about smacking her in the gut. Which I guess is about how angry I was at myself the last few times I lost my paycheck. But if course I never smack myself in the gut and I hardly even noticed that I was angry at myself which just goes to show you that people are not very self aware.

My guess is that being self aware like that is not very helpful in the Darwinian sense of things. Mostly it just makes you want to kill yourself or kill others and that just makes it hard to get a long in society which I already have a hard enough time doing because I keep growing back hair and from what I hear women really hate back hair.

I guess men judge people on body hair too. I really hate girls with hairy arms. I mean I really hate that. A woman with hairy arms is worse than a guy with back hair any day of the week. A man with back hair is just an ugly gorilla of a dude. But back hair sends mixed signals to women. It says "Hi, I have a shit load of testosterone!" And is says "I look like a gorilla." The best thing you can say about a women with hairy arms is that she reminds you of a really expensive tranny which I guess for most of the male readers of this blog is a good time and the best way to send the 200 dollars that grandma sent you for Christmas.

If you are wondering if there are women out there that are really hot but do nothing about the arm hair all you have to do is take the strange case of Alyssa Milano. I know this bitch trolls the internet for any mention of her name and to get rid of all the naked pics people post, but I will just have to risk the 200 dollars I have in the bank and tell the girl that she needs to buy some Nads. Otherwise I might as well jack off to tranny porn. I mean sure I love to jack off to tranny porn, but sometimes I'd like to jack it to something without a meat stick if you get my drift.

Romius T. talks about Fashion.

I am not sure when those flat shoes became popular. You know the ones that look like ballerina slippers. Well I am thankful for that because at 5 foot 8 my life with the ladies is tuff. As long as you women are wearing shoes that keep you at your real height I can tower over you by a good 3 inches or so. Then you complaining about how tall I am seems superficial and I don't feel guilty when I put our sex tapes up on youporn. The only thing that sucks about this trend is that I have not been able to use it to my advantage. The whole time you girls have been wearing these short shoes you have also been ignoring me. Maybe the back hair thing again? But I don't see how you can guess I have back hair when I have a shirt on. Secondly, I wear socks and a shirt whenever I have sex with you ladies. Maybe you just know that bald guys have hair every where but where it counts. (You are right about that.)

I read somewhere that skinny jeans are not cool anymore. I am super glad of this. I hate skinny jeans. I like tight jeans, just not the tapered jean look. I also like short skirts and dresses in general on women. I think you ladies should go back to wearing gloves after 5 pm and men should wear a coat and hat. I think we should talk like we are in some kind of futuristic noir film.

I can't seem to post any pictures to this post for some reason. I will try back later. Or you could just google the terms Milano and hairy arms. Yummmy.

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