Friday, October 17, 2008

I might post this

I have 37 minutes to write something for you. In 37 minutes I have to go to work. I poured myself a glass of coke and I put two frozen biscuits in the toaster oven. I will microwave two frozen sausage patties and place two slices of store brand American cheese in between the biscuits. I eat breakfast this way because it saves me 40 cents a breakfast sandwich over purchasing egg McMuffins for 99 cents.

I think you can tell from this post and the last post that I have nothing. I am just posting because I told you guys that I would.

Have I told you that a new episode of the self help podcast is up? If you don't subscribe via Itunes or some other RSS feed or don't have an I-pod or media player don't worry. You can still listen to the podcast by going to Just search the podcast section for the Self Help Center. While you are there you could digg the podcast since the only person to have done so was Lucky Charm.

I figure the podcast is what is going to make me famous, so you should feel free to distribute it to whomever you feel.


There is something odd going on with my 99 dollar computer. The internet explorer does not open all the way in the full screen mode to cover the entire spectrum of the monitor. I would say there is a gap of about 20 percent, only the window won't expand or move like normally. I think my monitor is going out.

I am not worried I could always buy a new monitor for 10 dollars.

I was talking to Kelso's Nuts one of my fave bloggers over at the Daily Brimstone and he talked me out of paying for a subscription to E-harmony. He said that all the chicks on that site want to get married and I won't get laid using that service. He suggested or J-date. I am not a Jew so I am leaning towards But the girls on Jew Date are awesome.

I thought about going on J-date anyway and when people asked if I was on there even though I was not a Jew I was going to say than my name sounds Jewish and I never met my biological father so it is possible that I am Jew and just don't know it. But I figured Jew girls are too smart and would see right through that line of bull shit.

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