Sunday, October 05, 2008

I lost my paycheck yesterday, if you find it I could really use the money

I spent 25 minutes on the phone talking to Quest trying to re-install the internet on my roommates computer. I have to pay 10 cents a minute to use my cell phone, so you can file that cost down as one more item in the list of bad money I have thrown away trying to make myself the most popular blogger in Tempe.

My Quest Tech, Julie, forgot to leave me with my Quest broadband number and the pass code for my wireless network. After 25 minutes talking to English as a second language person I figured out that the pass code was on my modem the whole time. I am happy to report that the FRO has internet now. I hope he is as excited about it as I am.

I was very frustrated when I finally got a hold of a support person, because it was not a simple matter to get a hold of tech support from the Quest people. Quest operates under the assumption that you have a phone line with them (I have stand alone broad band) and all the automated help lines kept asking for me to type my number in so it could confirm my account.

I got upset at the help line and lashed out by throwing stuff around the condo. I cursed Julie for running out of my apartment before going over anything: like how to call for broad band support, for not giving me my Quest number, or the password for my network.

Then I checked out the Fro's computer as I was installing the network back. The Fro is known for collecting quite a bit of porn. He has it saved all over his desktop and has set his screen saver to the most obnoxious set of pornographic images I have ever come across. I guess the Fro assumes that any women he meets who is willing to sleep with him (or goodly enough to entertain the idea of going into his room) will be so into porn, sex, and fetish erotica that he won't have to apologize for having it pop up on his monitor after 10 minutes of idle time.

On the other hand, I don't think Fro considered the possibility that his sister or some random stranger would ever stumble across his computer screen. I think that says something about the Fro's obsessive desire for solitude and I think he needs to get out more and meet people.

I lost my paycheck yesterday. I usually cash the check at work right away but since I needed to fix the flat on my tire I did not have the time to do so. No big deal. I figured I would just cash it later. I did not count on it falling out of my back pocket as I struggled to place the jack correctly underneath the rear axle of my truck.

If you found a payroll check yesterday in Tempe it probably is mine. Don't go trying to cash it as I reported it lost and cashing it now is probably a crime. Also, my pay day doesn't keep me in the lifestyle I have become accustomed to. So I doubt it would fill up the tank in your Cadillac Escalade.

And now for some random thoughts:

Last night something strange happened. My Google toolbar updated by itself. The toolbar now displays my Google saved bookmarks. I was quite happy to see that. I think I complained to you guys that Windows 2000 sucks and one of the main reasons I said it sucked was that I was unable to download the newest version of the Google toolbar. I still don't have the newest version that allows one to see one's G-mail, but that maybe a blessing in disguise because now whenever I relentlessly refresh my g-mail account I won't know for certain that I do not have new mail.

I have the window open because I am too cheap to pay for air conditioning. I hear the sounds from a wet t-shirt contest and for some reason I do not stop typing. I do not gather my things and run down to drink beer and watch young college girls get exploited. Maybe because I am by myself. If I had friends here we would all go. I guess I think it looks a bit creepy for a 37 year old man to watch college girls strip at a bar.
I am on my second beer and I think that means this doesn't count as a drunk post.

I need to buy a proper chair and a computer desk.
I need to purchase speakers for my computer.
Always using headphones is a drag.
I need to get a USB port extender thingy.
I need to find the two computer programs on CD that are at Card Shark's.

I purchased a key ring tire pressure gauge for under 4 dollars with my employee discount. I hope to avoid future blowouts now. I now regret purchasing an old fashioned tire pressure gauge for 3 dollars at the Q-Trip "We'll see ya soon!" How do they know?

My brothers insist I download AIM because they use it. I hate AIM and much prefer Yahoo messenger. Anyone familiar with both would understand my plight.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I cashed that check and I gave that money to Al Franken's campaign. Sue me.

Roger Bell said...

Don't know if you are aware of this URL,, but that might help you get quicker tech support. Sorry it won't help you with the English part.

Romius T. said...


At least you gave the money to someone who needs it more than me!


Thanks a lot I was not aware of the site. i will keep it mind when disaster strikes again