Monday, October 27, 2008

It is a well documented fact that you are an idiot

Don't hate me because I am Misanthrope. I can't help it. I was born that way. Just like you can't help being the way you are because you were born just like Sarah Palin's mongrel child. You're a bit retarded, and stuff doesn't go to your mind that well and even the stuff that gets in your mind doesn't stick there because if it stuck there that would mean there was enough gray matter or brain juice to soak up inside your skull and we both know that ain't the true.

I did not know it, but I guess I have been nominated as one of the most hated people on the internet, and I guess I should be surprised, but I am not. I know I talked to you guys about how popular I have become and with popularity you always have to risk the backlash. And I guess here comes the backlash with me being nominated for the most hated dude on the tubes. Even (everyone loves) Kelso's Nuts admits that I am favorite to win the award.

I think I know why I am going to win that award. I was talking to a friend the other day who wanted to go into politics, but will never go into politics because he hates stupid people. He can't stop himself from telling stupid people how stupid they are, and the one thing stupid people hate is being told how stupid they are.

That's why stupid people like Sarah Palin think a jar of peanut butter can disprove Evolution. It's why stupid people will vote against allowing gays the right to get married. Stupid people are always looking around for another stupid person to tell them how not-stupid they are. Stupid people are so stupid they never stop to consider the possibility that they are stupid. That's how stupid they are.

Smart people are filled with self doubt. That's why stupid people hate Obama, because Obama equivocates. That's why stupid people hate intellectuals, book smarts, or anything that has Physics in it. Stupid people even hate the word equivocates. How stupid is that?

Of course the only thing worse than a stupid person is a not-stupid person. Not-stupid persons sit around all day waiting for someone to post a rant against stupid people and when they read the words "smart people are filled with self doubt" they nearly shit themselves from the hiccups they get from nodding their heads in agreement to what they just read.

Sorry, not believing in yourself don't make you smart. It only makes you an ass. Maybe you should wonder why you are susceptible to my smooth talking and ego flattering speech.

You are going to hate me now.

I have to break the news to you. You're not that fucking smart. If you were that fucking smart you would have done something by now. You have not. You are not distinguished. You are just one of the faceless masses that bury their heads at the problems of the world and slowly die on the inside from the alienation that we call being a member of the 21st Century working class.

Don't tell me to get over it.

Alienation is not a "feeling" that you can get over. Alienation is a fact. Alienation is the drunken hangover from the alcoholic soaked relations of society.

I deal with my alienation by being an asshole to you on this website. Like my good friend Jesus Martinez wrote:

"I am also sticking with...shit, because it seems to be working….and by working I mean sending you to other sites that are better than mine and worth reading….because I’d hate for you to get stuck here since I am not very good company and definitely a horrible host. I’m the kind of guy who won’t offer you a drink, will leave you in a bathroom with no toilet paper and who would be grabbin’ at your wife in front of your face, so I guess it’s better if you head on over to some of these other people, but I guess you can come back again tomorrow, since I’ll be doing the same shit I’ve been doing the last 4 years, it’s pretty much all I know, which is sad considering I’m not all that good at it, even though you’d think with all that practice would come some improvement, but that’s just not how things work in these parts…."

I could not have summed up my blog or this post more appropriately. I guess that is why I had to steal jesus' words, and I guess that is why Jesus will always be more popular than me.

Head over to Bathos I just finished a long attack piece on another crazy e-mail from the nutjobs who try and smear Barrack Obama.


KELSO'S NUTS said...

RT: You summed it up pretty good. I agree with everything except that everyone loves me. Such is not the case. I have too many neuroses, too much self-doubt, and am too compulsive about analyzing issues.

The real BIBLE, "The Collected Works Of Damon Runyon," has as good a summary of my worldview as any: ALL OF LIFE IS 6/5 AGAINST.

There's a tremendous amount of randomness out there and very, very few certainties. The process of scholarship and analysis is endless in light of the degree of randomness to the human experience combined with our own mortality.

So, that's why I write long shit that I've thought about. That's why I try to get my ideas TESTED by good thinkers and am usually looking to find brighter people than I am to befriend.

I wanted some insights into how Romius played that LTHE hand and got them. And his reasons for playing weak card were simple and proper and I had missed them. That's why I drink at this virtual bar.

The mere concept of "getting enough odds to play" is so far above 99% of American's cognitive abilities that I find it disheartening. And why bloggers HATE ME.

Another example of the problems I cause around blogs is in the way I write about the ongoing Treasury/Largest Banks shell games. Except at the places I like, most people of good conscience have one narrative: THEY HATE THE RICH AND THIS IS UNFAIR.

They are "right" but they are not THINKERS. The problems are far more severe than just unfairness. The problems are beyond anyones' understanding. I've studied accounting and corporate finance and couldn't make head-or-tail of any of the proposals and it was clear to me that I knew more than anyone involved in this in Washington.

But no one wants to hear about why the treatment of say Convertible Bonds and Convertible Preffered Stock should be this way or that way. Or why both sides of a ledger have to balance. That's is seen as "sleeping with the enemy", just knowing about it.

I do something far worse that people HATE me for. I point out that far too many are parlour-revolutionaries who don't realize that not everyone gets to lead the revolution and carry the flag, that revolution is a violent business. And to be a successful revolutionary one must be willing to kill a child in cold blood and think nothing of it but do everything with the knowledge and expectation that you will likely die horribly yourself before ever seeing the fruits of your violence in political form. Moreover, I make the point that I'm not a revolutionary and I'm not violent and don't want any part of that shit and don't fancy myself as someone who could lead a revolution but never have to get involved in what it takes.

It's very embarrassing for a lot of bloggers to read those words. It shows a lot of folks what poseurs they are. And nobody likey be shown that they're poseurs.

Romius is still a solid favorite over me to get the 2008 ROD "HE HATE ME" SMART AWARD for general misanthropy, eccentricity, neuroses, and inability to kiss ass.

I am neurotic and eccentric, given to both misanthropy and self-loathing, and I don't kiss ass unless it's super-helpful to do so.

I am a contender for the title but not a main one!

Romius T. said...


As always you have hit on a good subject. I don't study the things you do with the same degree of inteseity but I do read popular stuff like "the smartest guys in the room" where they talk about how point to point (i think that is what it is called) profit taking in derivatives (enron profit taking) is what doomed enron and what will doom the financial markets.

Your honesty about revolution and having the stomach for radical change is absolutely true. It is exactly the reason I am not on the front lines.

A true revolutionary may have to engage in the kind of violence that I don't have the stomach for or the will and drive to make happen/few people are willing to admit they don't change the world because the world fights back and because we are comfortable and in my case lazy.

Most of us pretend the stupid little things we do actually makes a difference in the world. Little do they know that doing the little things is like getting a job as splumber aboard the death star. It is just helping out the cause of the empire, we should all perish with the dark side...

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Some of my finest work may be found here on this thread. I happen to like Princess Sparkle Pony's blog a lot which was why I was surprised to see a douchebag like that John Brown guy writing bullshit on it and that Karen Zipdrive, well...if an original thought even entered her head, it would die of loneliness.

But still my game isn't as strong as yours. I had a few defenders in this, including Sparkle.

Romius T. said...

You turned that comment into a blog posting if I recall/which i what I do sometimes and explains your amazing ability at correspondence and blogging.

"IF only we were nice we would be getting cheap oil form VZ." I gotta love that Nancy heehaw,