Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I don't have a phone that works yet. Step into customer service hell or don't use Let's to buy a phone

Nothing simple ever happens to me. I wanted to buy a new phone. I wanted a new cell phone provider. Nothing simpler than going to and ordering the phone you want for only 50 dollars. Right?

Wrong.'s awesome customer service begins with selling you a phone using a website that is designed to look like a portal or a conduit to numerous cell phone companies. You can chose your provider or cell phone from their handy online menus. What they don't tell you until you read the fine print after you pay for your phone is that Letstalk has become your cell phone provider.

Great. One of the reasons I was going to go with Verizon is that the company I work for offers free activation and a 20% discount on Verizon. It is now very fuzzy as to whether I will be able to collect that discount now.

If that were my only problem then I would chalk it up to getting scammed and buyer beware. But of course there is more. The phone was priced at 50 dollars, but free after a rebate. Beware of the rebates from

First, you have to wait 120 days before you can even send out and apply for the rebate. You need to make sure that your request is sent in between 120 and 180 days. You have to have the original sales receipt and all kinds of goodies and the rebate takes months to process. I expect to get my 50 dollars back sometime in 2010. It makes you not want to use the rebate which of course is exactly their plan which means you can bet sure as hell I am going to send away for that god damn rebate (and that's if I don't cancel on them which of course they make almost as difficult.)

I requested to get my old phone number to be "ported" to my new phone. Big Mistake. Huge Mistake. As soon as I requested to keep my old phone number my old phone company shut down my phone. Despite promises from Letstalk and Iwireless that it would not happen.

I have money on the pay-as-you-go phone and I can assume that is gone. I don't really care about a few dollars, but I have been phoneless because of this screw up and that has been annoying. It was why my friends where able to surprise me the other night and why I ended up drinking and debating the facts of a lost bra for over an hour along with getting a nice case of acid reflux.

I ordered the phone on Friday and got special 2 day fed ex shipping included that got the phone here sometime after 4 pm on Tuesday.

When I got home I saw the package outside my door waiting. I was excited to have my new phone. I tore open the package and learned that if I want to change my phone service or was upset about the phone or had any problems I was to call Letstalk and not Verizon (even though I have Verizon. The damn phone says Verizon when I turned it on.) I beter have Verizon. All my friends have Verizon and the in-calling will make my bill very cheap.

Stupid thing about the enV2. You can't make a call with it if the phone is charging. I know the battery life is supposed to be awesome and wack crazy. But I don't like the fact that the phone will be off limits while charging. Who thought of that idea?

I charged the phone fully like the instructions said and turned on the phone in order to wake up as many people as possible to tell them my new phone had arrived. What I got was a message that told me that my phone was offline and I would need to use a calling card or a credit card to make a call.

Because I am phoneless I would have to use pay phones to get a hold of Letstalk to fix the problem. Only thing is Letstalk customer service is open only 8am to 4 pm. IF you call the 1-800 number the number tells you to go online to learn the hours of customer service operation. What kind of racket is that? I was lucky enough to get pissed off them twice, because I found two different 800 numbers to call and drove down to the local pay phone two different times only to discover that even though they are a phone company, Letstalk doesn't take phone calls past 4. I was steaming in my pants like a Bukowski shit.

I still am. I have to wake up early and get to a land line and call this retarded phone company and get them to give me a phone number that works. I have to find out if I really have in calling. I have to see if they are going to give me my discount. I have a feeling this will take days. I think I may have just read that on their website. This is total BullShit.

Don't fucking use Their cheap ass phones are not worth the Busllshit.


Fawkes said...

Hmmm, I didn't read your previous post, but after reading this one I believe I can say, "It is a well documented fact that you are an idiot"

Just felt as though I should comment something, havn't done it in a while.

P.S. - As for that incredible sale that we had at work today, even though I did get off 30 minutes after you, I still got my share of discounted goodies. I got 6 2-liters of soda (4 orange and 2 cola), 4 bags of Doritos, and 4 bags of Reese's. You see, you just have to know the people in the back xD They hid some stuff back there and let me take a few.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Well, all I can say after the radio show is that despite his mega-popularity, Dr Torrance Stephens is not going down without at fight. He brought up a private joke between us in the 2nd hour about running a D-train on a girl for the whole world to hear and I'm so loco I continued in the vein of the joke the way we do on the phone!

Romius T. said...


you ungrateful bastard, I am drunk so excuse my profanity. go read the last post. also damn you for geting doritos and for me not getting any.

iam drunk so I don;t know what the fuck you are talking about