Thursday, September 04, 2008

My mommy wants to buy me a computer

My mommy wants to buy me a computer. She knows I like to be connected to the Internet at all times. I am a little surprised that she knows that about me since we only talk once a year or so on the phone and e-mail each other a few times a month. I don't include in that count all the forwarded e-mail she is flooding me with about what a great gal Governor Palin is.

I want a laptop pretty badly, but I told my mommy not to buy me one as I was saving money to get one myself. (I'm not saving money- I can't pay my bills.) All I know is it quite humiliating to be 37 years of age and unable to afford even the basics of life (and yes the Internet is a basic of life in the post-industrial age of advanced democratic countries). I am going to be writing a post about my humiliation and entering the post in Katie Schwartz's "cuntest." My working title is "I am a cunt. The public humiliation of Romius T."

My post covers how most teenagers earn more money than me. But I will talk a lot about fat chicks too, because I know how you guys can't get enough of the fat chick jokes and I know that because I read my stats daily. Also I recently discovered that Blogger offers its users the ability to "follow" fellow bloggers in the dashboard section of blogger. I am now following a few of my favorites and if use blogger I urge you to do the same. That way I could get all 6 of my readers in one place.

Speaking of reading my stats, I just discovered that I have another reader and not only does she read my blog she even links to my blog. Rubicon Mom is her handle and she writes a funny new blog you can find over at I am not sure if the Ky is short for Kentucky or KY Jelly. I can only hope the latter. I think all my mommy bloggers should go visit her blog and say hi and tell her she is the recipient of the Blog Friend of the Day.™

Why haven't I talked about Governor Palin's under age daughter's unborn baby?

I think by now you guys know that I am the last guy in the world to jump on a bandwagon. I don't mean to say that I don't jump on bandwagons, I just mean to say that I wait until the wagon has left the station and I can't possibly benefit from the additional hits Google would bring me from posting on topics when they are relevant. I suffer from approach/avoidance disorder so I can't help that.

All I know about Governor Palin is what I know about every chick I have ever met from Alaska. They are scary and they shoot at things (or club them to death.) I think I mentioned that I thought Palin was kinda hot in a soccer momish way. USA Today wrote that her hair style was 20 years out of date, but I thought it a bit fashion forward for a political figure. Her hair style screams, "check me out I am hot if by hot I mean it is still 1982." I mean it is not very often that a political figure uses their attractiveness as a comes hither sexuality.

"Mommy, are we slutty enough yet?"

I guess that kind of inappropriateness is why her daughter is knocked up at just 17. Kids copy their role models and you really can't blame Palin's daughter for being a slut, since her mom is one. All I know is I love lactating jail bait more than I like diapered jail bait but that is just my taste preference and I don't judge you for yours. At least when you make your 16 year old girl friend dress up in a depends adult diaper garment you are not thinking about forcing yourself on some unsuspecting infant. I applaud that kind of sublimation and I think Freud would to.

Boy I wish I could find a way to save pictures on this public computer so that I could post some of those hot pictures of Palin and her knocked up teen daughter. But I can't. Truthfully, I haven't tried to figure a way to do it. Haha I just figured out a way by saving all the pictures to the desktop. Now I have to save like a hundred photos to the desktop of this public library computer so that when the next person opens the computer all they will see is shots of Palin's daughter. I feel sorry for the next pervert to use this computer.


Rubicon Mom AKA. Rubi said...

I'm enjoying your blog! Thanks for the shout out. Oh, and LET YOUR MOM BUY YOU A COMPUTER! LOL Don't think for one second if my mom offered- I'd just straight on that! But my mom is praying for the day that my computer explodes- because she is worried about what kind of dirty laundry I might start airing next! :)

Romius T. said...

thanks for the advice, rubicon.

My mom said she was thinking of sending me a computer as a gift. I can't refuse birthday gifts.

You are welcome for the shout out and thanks for enjoying the blog. that is until you read today's post! lol.