Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I don't know why I blog when the whole world is against me

I am not a bad guy. I stick around the house to make sure the shutter guy does not rape my friend's fiance rather than eat lunch and blog for you. I am not sure why I even blog. I mean I have my 5 readers according to blogger, but other than those 5 people the rest of the world does not get it. I am not going to make a living at blogging and I will never get around to writing a book so I think this whole thing is kinda pointless.

I am sure the world thinks so too. I was at the condo checking things out while the Fro is out working on the Dharma Initiative. I unplugged most of the stuff in the house to make sure the electric bill would not be so high. The fro has cable but he has no internet access for some reason. I was going to be disappointed about that but then I thought better of it. There is no reason to have such high hopes and expectations anymore. Leman Brothers is collapsing. John McCain is going to be the President. Sarah Palin will be on her second term in 2016.

I think there must be some kind of conspiracy to keep me off the internet. Mrs. Shark (who wants her own name) thinks Cox Cable must have some kind of security device on the internet and she thinks that's why the internet is down. Which means Cox might have to come out or something in order to fix the whole no internet thing.

When I don't get the internet you get posts like this one and the post I made of the little girl with a broken balloon. I remember now that I was going to write about how the little girl was sad and that because I could not fix her balloon there was another female in the world that I had let down and then I was going to go off on a rant about how pathetic I am and how women always figure it out and then I was going to talk to you about dreamers and how America hates them and I was going to tie that all into a discussion of the Hegelian antinomy "real is rational/the rational is real." But you aren't going to get that now because I have to type all this shit at the library I am late for work. You should really feel ashamed that you have not promoted this website more. I need a few million hits so I can make some money on this blog. Otherwise it will be soon time to get a second job as a nightwatchman somewhere. I will probably get shot and then you will have to go back to reading romance novels and picking your toes. I hope that happens to you. I think you deserve it.

Things to think about:

Is nightwatchman all one word?
Does the world care any longer about Hegel?
Are you a dreamer or a pragmatist?
Are women attracted to dreamers only to become disillusioned as soon as they realize that the dreamer is just a dreamer and not an action person?
Can a person be moved to tears by sticking to set of abstract principles so intangible they seem nonsensical to the normal person?


Gary Graefen said...

Actually You have 50 to 100 people everyday who might read your blog-Your More popular than you might think.

PepperyStef said...

Yeah...what Gary said. Really, I know of 2 other people who now read you because of me and that's not including my pubescent hellion. Can a person be moved to tears by sticking to set of abstract principles so intangible they seem nonsensical to the normal person? Unequivacably yes. Oh, and I'm still smiling over my "frothy vagina"

lucky charms said...


Wanna help me win a scholarship? It'll be like payback for digging you on Digg.com :)

Vote for me!


Romius T. said...


I voted for you! Good luck! I hope all my readers vote for you!


You are awsome and thank you for all the new readers including your spawn. About the gary guy though. Who is this guy. Other than his website being colored and designed straight out of 1993 and using my blog material on his site as filler for all his advertising and pop ups I wonder if he actually reads this blog or is just a spammer. Either way he creeps me out!

DCup said...

Hello. Are you going to give Mrs. Shark her own name?

I'll keep reading to find out.....(as if I need an excuse!)

Gary Graefen said...

Well actually you didn't look at a website-You looked at a profile on a social network called Yuwie which I have over 5000 readers on and get more views per day on, than this blog will in a year-So chow weiner-your history
Creeps you out huh what a chump
no wonder no one cares about poor little you.