Monday, September 08, 2008

I work 15 days in a row so please stop buying groceries

The Mexicans unplugged my stove so I can only eat fast food and the pizza bagel bites stored in my freezer which say that they can be heated in a toaster oven.

I still have no word from FRO. I am officially worried. I will be headed over to his parents house on my day off tomorrow.

The Mexicans are fixing the tree that fell over from the latest storm. It looks like it is going to rain today. The clouds are big and swollen purple like my testicles.

I was at the library yesterday, but I did not write a post on this blog. I posted a video of Sarah Palin talking at her church. I find religious people creepy. You could go visit the Bathos blog if you want. I think I get like 10 hits a day now since people noticed I don't blog there. I kinda like the idea of having one less blog, but I don't know how to merge all the content from that site to this site. If any of you awesome blogger folks now that is possible drop me a hint.

I have noticed that despite my awesomeness I do not have one blogger "follower." It just goes to show you that people don't really care about me. Also despite over 1,000 podcast downloads I only have 2 diggs at I guess you guys don't need this website the way I hope you do. You don't wake up every morning with your first thought, "What does Romius have to say to day?"

I think you should. I give away all my content for free and when you look back at the hundreds of posts I have written I would say that a few dozen are laugh out loud funny. You can't buy that kind of fun and yet here I am giving it away for free. Sometimes I even have to pay to get you this. If you count all the money I am wasting sitting at the Internet cafe typing how people don't love me and I still get only a hundred hits a day though I have noticed that my "returning visitor" hits are up, I guess maybe some of you guys like all the extra posting I am doing. I used to have 3 to 5 return visitors a day. Now I get near 10. Maybe that poll is right. I do plan on posting a lot from now on. When I get my computer I will just work ahead so that I can put a less "blogg" blog out there. For now you get bloggy and today's post is bloggy with a side of extra bloggy so just get over it.

I don't have time to write anything about Sarah Palin Today. I did not stop at Whataburger on the way to the library today. I am going to leave early so I can get some lunch.

Work update

I have worked 15 days is a row. I finally have a day off tomorrow. We said good bye to the coolest assistant manager yesterday. I drew 2 pictures for her. One was a political commentary where I suggested that Barack Obama was a closet socialist and Sarah Palin's unwed daughter was bad for the economy. The second picture was full of stick figure caricatures of all the employees I could fit on an 8x11 piece of paper. It was full of inside jokes that none of you would get so I won't repeat, only to say that my genius was once again affirmed by the outside world that does not read blogs.


DCup said...

I wish I could help you on merging content.

But I did stop buying groceries. My family can just suck it.

Rubicon Mom AKA. Rubi said...

It won't let me "follow" you... I'm somewhat illiterate when it comes to this blog stuff- so I COULD be doing something wrong... HOWEVER, you should feel honored that I have you on my blog roll.... so there! :)

Romius T. said...

way to go d-cup! sticking it to the family like that.

it looks like you are "following" me so you are better at this blogger stuff than you think!

Of course I am flattered by being on your blogroll! That is why you are a friend of the day! oh and i have added you to my blogroll!