Sunday, September 28, 2008

I risk getting shot at the public library to give you my take on the world

I bet you did not know that going to the library was dangerous. When I pulled up to the library today there were three cop cars circling around the parking lot. I noticed the rest of the parking lot was empty except one vehicle that appeared to be abandoned because its doors were open and the driver was no where to be seen. I know you don't care if I get shot you just want to read this blog and you don't want to hear how brave I am for parking and running inside to the computer lab just so you can get your Internet fix on.

Well, I did it and here I am and I did not get shot at. I walked past two of the police officers and gave them a look like, "Am I gonna get shot? What's going on here?" I did not get a response from either of the cops, not even the tired, exasperated look of "stop being a pussy everything is ok" that cops are alway giving me and my friends. Instead I was ignored. The cops were on their cell phones and I am sure neither of them was doing official business. I don't know who they were talking to but I guess whatever happened today was not a big deal even though there aren't many cars in the parking lot and those that are there look like they were abandoned in a hurry because of a car jacking so I am just going to pretend everything is ok because I guess the cops are not here to evacuate the building.

I bet you wondering why I would risk everything just to get to the Internet just to clank away at a keyboard to get my message out to the world. I would think you would know the answer to that by now but you are pretty thick headed. I guess I would say the reason I need to communicate with you is that as one reviewer put it,

Romius T. is the voice of the post-modern age, he is zippy and light years ahead of the cultural zeitgeist. His post-racists, post- feminist diatribes challenge and leave behind most of you and instead of worrying that his audience "won't get it" he brusquely waves away such worries as he boldly soldiers on into the new millennium. If the new age is too scary for you, don't worry. romius will carry you on his back to comedic utopia."

Sure that reviewer was me but I still think you get the point.

I am here for you. And to prove it I went and got me some broadband Internet. I know I told you guys that I was moving and I am. The condo will have Quest this Thursday and I am thinking I should call in sick and stay home and play all day on the Internet, but I won't because I will need to pay for the 40 dollars a month the Internet is going to cost me. It also means I will have a new podcast up and ready by the weekend. At least I hope I will, if all goes well and I foresee no reason that it won't but I don't like to commit myself to anything including the turning on of utilities. (I need to get a hold of my roommate the FRo and make sure I pay the electric bill so we don't have the lights turned off just in time for me to get the Internet because that would suck.)

I am moving because I don't have a sink. The condo will have a sink, dishwasher and a mostly working stove. If you add in the Internet and two working computers (I am going to return my computer or have them fix the fan that does not work) you can see why I should just go ahead and make the move now and now wait until all the work is done on the house. If you add in curtains and no Mexicans waking me up at 7am on a Sunday to install the cabinetry I think it is what we can call a no-brainer.


Anonymous said...

I think you are very brave, but I don' think I would ever describe you as zippy.

Anonymous said...

I was going to comment on your bravery and the self-loving term zippy as well. But dcup got on it first. Sooo...second. And congratulations on your newish abode. I was starting to worry.

lucky charms said...

I didn't know you were "following" me! I'm following you back :)

lucky charms said...

Don't forget the absence of noxious fumes! COPD is a disease I'd like you to avoid.

Though, as horrible as this will make me seem, it would be cool if you got kidney stones just like I did. Then we could have something in common.

I think you should mention the reviewer that once said that you were "reluctantly genuine."


Romius T. said...


I am not really zippy unless I am playing the arcade game track and field where I use the nick name "zippy" also whenever I play trivia at the bars. But you and steph are right about me being brave and boy is it "tuff"


You were right on about that one reviewer describing me as "reluctantly genuine" which is about as close to genius of a review of this awesome blog as one will ever get!