Monday, September 22, 2008

I keep writing because that way I don't have to look for a second job

I know I am supposed to be looking for a second job as a nightwatchman somewhere. I think I will be a security guard at one of the posh hotels we have in the valley. I used to stay up till 7am anyway and at least now I will get paid for it.

In order to become a security guard one apparently needs to pick up a guard card. I have no idea what a guard card is or what it could be but I am guessing that any security firm worth its money has the ability to get you one of those.

I was looking on Craigslist yesterday for jobs and even though we may be living through the second great depression there seemed to be plenty of opportunities in the "guard my shit" position. I am guessing that security firms never have trouble finding work. There are always plenty of people with enough stuff they want kept away from others. I find this kind of work to be depressing as I am just protecting the goods and needs of the wealthy.

My current job working for a capitalist grocer is not much better but at least there I don't care if you steal stuff. We are told not to confront thieves because my employer does not want to pay off any lawsuits from the robbers or to my estate if the robbery turns ugly. If I ever die from being shot I want my friends to know that I would sue for millions.

I have no reason to mention the following, but I thought some of you perverts might like to know that I check out hot chicks at the library:

Two days ago I sat next to a 50 year old gay man who kept asking me about my online pay of an insurance bill. I thought he wanted to sell me insurance but it turns out that he just wanted me to notice that he liked giant cock. He was watching porn the whole time he was talking to me and I guess he did not care that I was creeped out.

Today is different. I was waiting to get on the computer in the waiting room when I saw a girl in a dancers outfit. She had on tight black see-through leggings with shorts and a white tank top. you could see her blue strapped bra beneath it. She visited the rest room for a few minutes and after she got out began to gather her belongings. I was disappointed she was leaving the waiting area thinking my chances to check her out were gone. I regretted not staring at her from behind while she bent over to pick up her purse. I knew there was no chance she could see me looking at her but if I timed it wrong when she turned around she would see me turning away so quickly that she would know all I was doing was checking out her firm legs and butt the whole time she was bending over.

Instead I silently resigned myself to watching her walk away. She ran her hands through her shoulder length hair frequently, fluffing out the thin strands to give them extra volume. I like when woman play with their hair. I watched her walk away, but to my surprise she walked directly over to the one free computer in the lab. She smiled at me on her way out after I gave her my trademark shy, toothless grin.

She must have a reservation in the computer lab. I had thought I might jump on the very computer she walked over to and try to use my reservation to get on it. I was glad I didn't. My computer reservation turned out to be right next to hers and just after my new fantasy girlfriend sat down at her computer the patron using my computer was kicked off the computer because her time was up. I really can't check my fantasy g/f out too much without her noticing me so I am left to the mental image in my head. I don't want to peek over sideways and give her the creeps.


Normally if I see a girl in a revealing outfit I stare at her because I assume she went to all the trouble getting her goods out there so she must want me to look. When I am out at a bar and drunk I will usually say something like, "damn...them is some big titties!" To this day I have not been slapped. Sometimes the girl will blush and then look down at the floor. But most times the girl gives me an extra show or brushes her chest against me. She then thanks me for the compliment. I know a lot of guys who think that kind of display at a women is disrespectful, but there are mostly wrong about that. I mean "the truth" is that it is very disrespectful, but most of the women go for it. They are not alarmed by my behavior but in fact welcome it and in many cases are seeking it out. They may not be thrilled that they got the attention of the short ugly guy. But they like knowing that they can get attention. That all the effort they put into looking good worked.

I bring this up to tell you why I did not stare down the woman in the dancers outfit. I assumed she was attending some yoga class at the library or senior center next door. Either that or she just came from school where she takes a dance class.

If my impression was right then she was dressed sexily for function. She was wearing the uniform of dance and not being provocative. If a women has no intention of being provocative...let's say she is not some kind of Lactating Bi Sexual Asian Twincest Porn actress... then I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable. On the other hand if she really is a Twin Lactating Asian Porn actress... then I want to marry her and her sister and have them cuckold me.

But to each his own.

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