Sunday, September 14, 2008

You know it is a sad day when a little girl cries to get her broken balloon back

I don't mean the little girl is crying because her balloon is broken. The little girl has accepted that the balloon is broken. She cries because it has been taken away from her and she wants it back. The little girl is a year old and she is deformed. She sits in the front seat of her shopping cart. Her chubby cheeks are wet from tears. She is unfazed by her want and unconcerned with its naked appearance on her countenance. All she knows is she wants her broken balloon back and she does not want to wait for me to fix it or to ring up the purchase.

As soon as she gets her balloon things wiil be ok.

Maybe I wrote about that little girl because I am just like her. I want my internet. I bought the wireless adapter, but it did not work. I took it back to Walmart and I think I will need tio use the money I got back to buy some gas. I still can't get the internet and I don't know if it because I don't know how to connect the computer to the internet, or if the adapter I bought did not work. Maybe there is something wrong with the computer because it does not have a built in modem.

I have given up on this computer though. I am going to try and get my money back fromt the computer store I bought it at. Most likely they will not let me and I will end up spending more money for a laptop that I cannot afford. I get suckered easliy in sales situations. I think that is why I always get buyers remorse. I am so frustrated with trying to get access to the internet that I did not want to post anything today. So if this post sucks mopre than usual you know why.

Another reason today is sad is I learned that David Foster Wallace committed suicide. I might not show it in my writing but I love his style and sense of humor. A while back I refrenced the depends undergarment as a sly homage to Infinite Jest. The book takes place in the Year of the Dpends Undergarment. A sad day indeed. We will miss you David. My deepest sympathies are sent out to your family and friends.


lucky charms said...

Awwww the balloon story is sad and cute. So is your computer story. I'd let you steal my internet if we were neighbors..

Just don't let me catch you peaking through our windows...

I haven't commented in a while! Do you miss me?

DCup said...

I want to say something about helping you with your balloon, but I'll have to us the word "blow" and then you know I won't be able to keep it clean.

So here - how about I wish you luck on getting your money back and not getting sucked. Or suckered.

Okay - I missed the David Foster Wallace phenom. What rock was I living under?

Wipe your tears, Romius, you're loved.