Monday, December 04, 2006

Freedom? I don't need your stinking freedoms...

"Big Brother" is up to it again.

And I don't mean peeking into your underwear drawer and borrowing your panties for a little masturbatory fun. No I mean the bad kind of big brother watching.

England is fast becoming a dream come true for Orwellian irony lovers. The nightmare state is soon to be the home of RFID chips and unmanned blimps listening to your conversations on the street.

"In a new report entitled A Surveillance Society, information commissioner Richard Thomas predicts a world in 2016 where technology is extensively and routinely used to track and record people's activities and movements."

Meanwhile in the United States we have an ex speaker of the house and candidate for president advocating elimination of the First Amendment.

And more secret monitoring and "domestic intelligence-gathering on U.S. citizens" by the government of the world's freest peoples. It's been reported by Unclaimed Territory that the Federal Aviation Agency has assigned risk assessments to every passenger flying in America. Of course you have no right to contest the records that will be kept on file for 40 years or even review them for accuracy.

Update 1

And more news. The FBI is spying on you by listening to you when your cellphone is turned off.

Anyone care to join me in the revolution before it is too late?

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