Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Google in bed with CIA

Google's motto may be "do no evil." But revelations that Google may be in bed with the CIA call into question the nature of good and evil when it comes to privacy on the net.

Geez, that almost sounded like I worked for the Associated Press, huh? I didn't even slip in any mentions that you caught me masturbating to the Sears' catalog. Don't get me wrong I love Google. Google even informed me when my last girlfriend broke up with me. Google helps me find porn. We just have to worry about Google the same way we worry about any company with nearly unlimited power.

According to the not so reliable source Prison Planet, the CIA gave Google some start up money. Google's relationship with the CIA has caused them to censor some websites and manipulate page rankings of critical stories. In addition Google admits to a program that taps in to your homes by listening in on your computer's microphones.

I am sure the CIA would have no interest in such a program.


Evil Spock said...

Crap, perhaps we should migrate off of blogger then.

As an Evil Vulcan, I don't need the CIA all up in my evil Vulcan business.

Romius T. said...

Google has let me know that if I wish to continue keeping a free blog account and email I need to send them all the information I have on Evil Spock and hisevil Federation ways.

My understanding is that all your power is linked to your goatee. Shave it and your back to "good spock."

Evil Spock said...

Alas, the goatee has been shaved, but Google's wise to my antics.

I noticed you visited us at The Few, would you like to link our two organizations together to fight the good (or in my case, evil) fight?