Friday, December 15, 2006

Does this mean that I will have to stop my Jailbait of the Week profile?

I already have enough problems with my comments. Now McCain wants bloggers to police its commenters.

"McCain Wants to Require Bloggers, not just MySpace, to police its commenters.'s Declan McCullagh reports that McCain has draft legislation that would make any blogger with a comment section liable for damages unless they report child pornography or obscene images. Really this has nothing to do with sucking up to radical Christian fundamentalists and feeding the fears of suburban parents in the run-up to McCain's presidential bill."

My list of things that make it hard to be a pervert.

  1. Perverted

  2. Yahoo removing chat rooms for teens

  3. Non-stripper females in Gentlemen's clubs

  4. Dateline NBC


foxxxylove said...

So, my presence in a strip club makes you curb your perverted ways, huh? I'm so sorry to hear that. As for Dateline NBC, there's a way aroudn that. Simply case the joint first and watch the poor perverted schmo before you get bagged by the po-lees. Duh!

Evil Spock said...

Um, I feel dirty just being here . . .

Romius T. said...

You are so smart foxxxy. I will try that. By the way any other female in a strip club who is not there to get dirty with me is naturally an inhibitor of my perversions.

Spock, you have been sullied, dear sir.