Thursday, December 21, 2006

A sports break. My fantasy football team could kick your fantasy football team's ass.

Yeah, that's right I said it. My fantasy football team rocks. I just defeated the league's "best" team. Not once, but twice! And they were 12-1 before the double elimination playoff match.

I rule! And so does a certain Indianapolis quarterback I was told not to draft in the first round. I also took a chance on Ahman Green, and not just because he's a possible Muslim. But because who'd thought he could regain his former 1,000 yard a year form?

Me. That's who. I have entered exactly 2 fantasy football tournaments and I have made the Superbowl both times. Do not mock my abilities. I believe my finish this year cements my reputation as an amazing fantasy 'baller. Cemented like concrete. Which I hear the Egyptians favored for creating kick ass pyramids. Not as kick ass my Team USSR fantasy football team. But close.

This post is dedicated to all those readers who feel disappointed by my failure to allow them to root for my FF team every week. Sorry. Don't forget to keep us in your prayers this playoff week.


Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock is fed up with his Fantasy Football teams. Congrats on Ahman Green. I thought his wife-beating stats were going to interfere with his rushing stats. I guess he's good at multi-tasking!

Romius T. said...

Wife beaters are always more likely to be able to multi task.

Jezebelsriot said...

It's the wide range of movement they have by not wearing sleaves. They can smack their back talking nagging wives while stretching out their biceps to reach for the free floating football.

Congrats on your winning team. You are the most awesome pretend winner ever!

Romius T. said...

"you are the most awesome pretend winner ever" best one liner in weeks!!