Monday, December 11, 2006

Make Me Famous, I'll make you famous. Then we can lie down in bed and rub money all over each other. I just hope your boy bits aren't bigger

First of all I don't really think it is going to take peeing all over my cousin on my incest webcam to become famous. I'm sure someone has already done that, so it wouldn't very unique or anything special.

And like my cousin says through a stream of urine "that's some warm ass piss in my mouth."

But that's not all she says. She also says things like "pornography is violence." I remind her that violence is hitting. And then I punch her in the face. Just to make sure she remembers. My cousin has a Ph.d in annoying normally, but she can shut the fuck up quickly when she needs to.

Not that it's not fun to listen to hear moan sometimes about men. How we're all rapists I mean. I wonder after my cousin says retarded things about men if she ever considers how men treat other men. Does she think it's with kid gloves? All Hooter's and strip clubs? Because I seem to recall men are not very nice to other men. Actually we're kinda bitches.

I don't want to be President of Harvard, but men and women often have a different take on things. What you call my objectification, I'll call Romance. Who's to say how I should conceive romance? I say don't be such a Notion Nazi.

This post isn't dedicated to you. Even if you think it is. So stop thinking this post is about you. It's about me, baby. It's always about me.


Evil Spock said...

. . .

Evil Spock said...

Romius T., I'm going to make you famous. I've just tagged you with a stupid meme. Tell six weird things about yourself. Check my blog for further detail. This should send some traffic your way.

Romius T. said...

Of course it will. And then I will be very famous. And I will have to answer questions from the media and start wearing underwear when I go out in public.