Thursday, December 07, 2006

I thought I was a celebrity blogger

How can it get to this point?


"You should start an advice column on the internets. On what not to do with your life."

I know I haven't in so many words explained to my dear readers my desire to become a celebrity blogger. But I was hoping that you would just get the point. I am not into conflict and I didn't want to add any drama to our already unstable relationship.

Getting me to the million dollar salary may require a few of you to do something other than read the "one post" on my blog that matches your Google search.

Otherwise I don't see why I should write such interesting posts that you can search for mork and mindy gum egg and somehow get a response to read.

I know I have those 4 or 5 fans. You guys check my site 2 or three times a day. But I need an army. A nation of worshipers who will do my bidding. Otherwise trying to convince my Dad that the only example I can be is the example to avoid being is going to a hell of a difficult task.

I might have to get a job, a woman, a house, a god. And vote Republican.


Jezebelsriot said...

Your lofty aspirations amuse me. What you need to do is swipe some snarky hipster picture of a guy with nerdy glasses and an expensive haircut, pretend to be him and then all of your charm and wit that your few fans find wonderful, the rest of the world will finally recognize. It's what I did. I'm actually a three hundred hairy housewife that looks like a gorilla had sex with a poodle and made me.

Romius T. said...

Unrealistic expectations maybe. But lofty as my goal is, it is the only one I have.

Your half gorilla and I am half ape. Cool.

Evil Spock said...

Hey, you're on my blogroll, so that must make you a celebrity by association!

Romius T. said...

So true. Do you think evil Kirk likes me?

Evil Spock said...

Evil Kirk is a bit of an isolationist. But he does like beer and pizza. Those are the path to his heart!