Thursday, February 08, 2007

Remember when the Olsen Twins were Jail Bait you wanted?

Remember how you installed that creepy countdown meter on your desktop that alerted you to the exact moment they would become legal?

Neither do I. All I know is that I would rather pull the umbilical cord from Tori Spelling's fat vagina than wake up next to one of those Ex-Tanner girls.

I am not sure why I this site continues to only draw 20 or so folks a day when the Drunken Stepfather pulls in hundreds of thousands. But I guess that's life.


Evil Spock said...

Dammit! What can Evil Spock do to make you more famous?!?

Oh, and Evil Spock has never been a fan of those Olsen Twins.

Romius T. said...

I wish I knew the secret. I have decided on the character I will play. That horribly ugly creature that causes good spock to go blind.