Monday, February 05, 2007

I couldn't bring myself to induct Dakota Fanning as Jail Bait of the Week

I don't want to encourage a damaged young girl or her parents. Dakota, no matter how hideous your mouth/teeth you are not asking for rape just because you wear headgear to correct it.

And as to your need to have "it" filmed and viewed. Can I ask that you get some professional help for that? Such an inclination is unhealthy. I think you might have boundary issues. My advice is to keep this stuff buried. Deep down. Just try and not to think about it.

You are precocious. But you are not an adult. Someone has probably talked about the First Amendment. And an artists commitment to freedom of speech. But you are just a kid, you're not Picasso

Anyway that First Amendment business was repealed a while back. Just keep going to the dentist and I will see you in 6 years. Looking hot. And with a few too many "daddy" issues.


Evil Spock said...

katie wrote about this too. Evil Spock supports the making of the film, but Evil Spock won't be watching it.

Romius T. said...

I was shocked to learn that Katie wrote about this before me.