Friday, February 09, 2007

If you are reading this because I left a funny comment in some other blog, don't expect this blog to be as funny

No matter how funny my blogs are I am pretty sure they are going to keep me from getting hired. That and my two year work gap on my resume. I don't know why unemployed blogger/part time amateur poker player is not viewed as serious experience, but it ain't.

Most of you are reading this from work, so I don't think employed people are all that more "productive" than me. Otherwise you'd be the ones making funny as shit up and then typing into a computer.

Imagine all the money you'd be making. Not as much as winning all your money on the river in Splash Pots at Texas Hold'em. But serious money nonetheless.

I forgot to tell Jeramey Happy Birthday. But since he doesn't read this blog it won't help to say it here. He doesn't read the blog even though he has starred in like 6 or 7 blog posts. If anybody wrote about me that much I 'd make damn sure to read that blog. I just joke about being Ghetto. Because Jeramey never reads, I guess Jeramey really is ghetto.

Though there is no way of knowing if I just told the truth about that statement is there? Maybe I just sit at home all day listening to podcasts that feature a guy reading gay incest dick cheese and scat stories all day.
But you're kind of scared about the truth in that statement aren't you?


Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock has no expectations when coming here, nor is Evil Spock scared of dick cheese or scat.

Dr. Stephanie said...

I'm as clueless as you are about what f'd-up priorities HR departments have. Of course, I'm a temp.

PS - When are you picking my -- oops, I mean, YOUR -- sister up? The sooner the better, 'cause she keeps using up all my hot water.

Romius T. said...

Evil spock- you have NO expectations. I am not sure what that means. You must be in love with me if you don't come here for news, gossip or fun.

Dr. Steph-

I can't believe that a little sister could use up that much hot water, but will pick her up tuesday. Is tues day good?