Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just because I click on your personal ad that don't make us friends

I am not certain if it really is possible to earn between 100,000 and 150,00 dollars a year and be that into jean skirts.

I know I am breaking a cardinal rule of mine by insulting a non-famous person. But I guess if you are on the Internet you are setting yourself up to look a fool. If anyone ever found my personal ad they would be shocked to learn that I am 6 feet tall and that I make more than 250,000 bucks in a year.

I make movies. The dirty kind. That's what I tell the girls. Then they forgive me for not being so tall. They still think I am rich so they let me film them having sex. Not sex with me because no amount of money would be worth that.

I once had sex with a girl in Germany and I got charged with a hate crime, so I learned my lesson. I just get the girls to masturbate on camera and after that I can black mail them. That's how I make my money for real.

Certainly not off the donation button at the bottom of this page. Because my account balance is still zero. If you want me to stop taking advantage of women then you are going to have donate money to me. Where else do you get stories like this for free?

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Evil Spock said...

Romius my friend, it's too early to ask for money. Oh, and if you want a simple button maker, Evil Spock will be happy to help you out.