Monday, November 10, 2008

I break a world exclusive story** about how you can steal free music from yahoo radio

If the past three months of my blogging has taught you anything then you know that this blog is never going to be anything all that interesting and despite the small surge of popularity this blog saw in the past month I think we all know that 20 daily readers is not very many and the fact that I haven't seen a bigger push or any additional followers on blogger means that this blog has stopped growing again.

I guess I should just sit back and enjoy the few of you who stick around and read this blog despite the fact that I can't think of anything to blog about and despite how boring this blog is with no stories of strippers or even drinking because I haven't felt like getting drunk and I even gave up drinking cola so I guess all this health stuff going on in my life has gotten me to start shitting kinda correctly again because I am happy to report that my last few shits have been "almost" brown and I think that is probably a positive thing which means I will most likely be alive for a little while longer which I know is just want you wanted to hear.

I read the other day that Microsoft is going to stop selling one of its old operating systems. I hope that does not include windows 2000 anytime soon, because that is the operating system I am using.

There are a lot of drawbacks to using an old operating system like Windows 2ooo. For instance I can't sync my cell phone to my computer, and so far I have been unable to sync my mp3 player as well. That means I have to use my roommates computer to sync all that stuff and that is kinda annoying.

One thing that rocks about windows 200o is steaming music from Launchcast. (Yahoo radio and Yahoo messenger )

I know none of you give a shit about Yahoo Radio, because none of you have ever visited my Yahoo Radio Station. You should because it totally rocks. I have rated more than 4,000 songs, albums, and artists. That means I have the best radio station in the world because yahoo radio plays the music I like best* and offers up suggestions based on how I rated different music.

*(A note: I have no idea if when listening to my radio station you are told my ratings. All I can say is that if you are not hearing Metallica, UFo, or the blues then skip the song it is probably one of those groups yahoo radio is promoting.)

The software Yahoo uses to suggest new music is not that great because they seem to push new bands and groups that advertise on yahoo more than just artists that sound like the ones you want. The other drawback is all the commercials they play on Yahoo.

You can eliminate the commercials by paying 5 bucks a month. If you get the service you can do things like skip as many songs as you want, and I have considered getting the service because I like to surf the net and listen to music, and sometimes I get sick of listening to just my cd's. Also I like having a DJ program music for me even if that DJ is a robot.

The reason I bring all this up is that there appears to be a glitch in the software of yahoo radio if you have Windows 2000. I get my radio station without any of the annoying commercials and so far I have been able to skip through any of the songs I don't like. I have no idea if this tip works only on my radio station or if it will work for you.


I just got my first commercial on Launchcast. I guess I should delete this post now, but since I took all the time to write it I am just going to keep it up anyway. Hey, normally they play one commercial for every 3 songs. And now I just got my second song while editing this post so I think it is safe to say that I am completely wrong so don't go trading in that wonderful Vista operating system you are using on the 1 gig ram laptop for windows 2000.


Dave said...

I enjoy your stream of consciousness writing style. It’s fresh. It’s real. It barely makes sense. By the way, how can you steal something that’s free?

Romius T. said...

thanks dave

every time i am just about to quit this blog I get some positive reinforcement from good folks like you and that keeps me going or in another way it keep me tied to this machine and slowly dying on the inside.

regarding the yahoo radio. yes it is free with the ads. I was saying I thought I was getting my radio with out ads which is like getting the paid subscription without forking over any dough.